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What are some good doctor colleges?

Georgia state

What are the brst colleges in Atlanta Georgia?

Georgia Tech, Emory University, and Olgethorp University are all good colleges but it is according to where you fit best.

What are good colleges for basketball?

Duke, UNC, UCLA, Georgetown, Kansas, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, UConn

What colleges in Georgia will accept an ACT composite of 20?

all collges you have a good chance of getting accepted everywhere

Do people that go to homestays get into good colleges?

No---People that get home stays missed out that entertainment of the school itself and most colleges don't want people like that

How do you became a WNBA basketball player?

you just have to be good

Why do many people want to get in good colleges?

Good colleges entail better success for lots of students, better quality of education, and more opportunities.

How dO you become a WNBA?

you learn to speak english, good luck!

Who is at the top of the WNBA league?

the top in the WM+NBA league is temeka johnson. She is also the 6th frafted which is very good since, she is the shjortes player in the WNBA. the top in the WM+NBA league is temeka johnson. She is also the 6th frafted which is very good since, she is the shjortes player in the WNBA.

What is good GPA?

It depends on different people and colleges for me a good GPA is from a 3.0-4.0 but then you have honors credits and can be higher than a 4.0 but most colleges ask for a 3.0-4.0.

What are the major colleges and universities in Atlanta?

The top three are # Emory University - A major university, especially strong in biology and health sciences, # Georgia Institute of Technology ("Georgia Tech") - A well-regarded engineering school, and # Georgia State University - A good public school.

Good colleges of bca correspondence in delhi?

good colleges of bca correspondence in delhi?

What are some good colleges?

Stanford and Harvard are the best ones in America according to most people.

What are the best colleges to play soccer?

what are some good soccer colleges?

What are the colleges in Greece?

Ther is Athens University and other good colleges.

How do people in Malawi get educated?

Malawi has schools, colleges and universities. Many people are not well educated and not everyone gets to get a good education.

Why did Georgia O'Keeffe do what she did?

because she wanted to prove to people that she couldpaint and that she was a good painter

Why should people go to Georgia?

because its a good place to go and you can learn alot from

What age can you go into the WNBA?

you can go when your 18 but you have to be good from high school but the common age is 20+

Do colleges care about foreign language grades?

yes. selective colleges want people with good grades in everything. However, if your major is something like science, colleges would put less emphasis on foreign language grades

Are there any good East coast colleges I could attend?

There are several good colleges in the East Coast. A lot of them are Ivy schools. You can get a good list of good colleges in the east coast at this link:

Who were the first people to settle into Georgia?

people. i realize that my answer isnt good at all but i like eggs. i also am pretty wierd.EGGS R SO GOOD (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:

Is Georgia for or against the constitution?

That is actually a good question. Most people probablly wouldn't have an answer for this question, but I do. I believe that they were against it because there were only TWO people from Georgia that signed the U.S. Constitution.

How can you get colleges to notice you more for football?

Be good? Post videos on YouTube send highlights to colleges and make good grades

Why do people want to go to college?

Teens probably want to have better lives and jobs after graduating from good colleges.