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Their checking book.

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Where do a WNBA player work?

being in the wnba is their job

What is the salary of an unexperienced WNBA player?

A rookie player in the WNBA makes about $35,000 a year.

What are the duties of a WNBA player?

main duties and responsbilites for WNBA

What are WNBA Player salaries 2007-2008 season?

What are the players wnba player by players salaries

Who is the youngest WNBA player?

the youngest wnba player is the best one of em all which is candace parker

Who is the tallest WNBA player?

Standing at 2.18 m (7'2"), Margo Dydek is the tallest player in WNBA history

Shortest WNBA player?

The shortest wnba player is Anna Georgia Mierda at 3 foot 7 inches

When was Best WNBA Player ESPY Award created?

Best WNBA Player ESPY Award was created in 1998.

How old do a WNBA player have to be?

There are no age restrictions for WNBA players, but to be eligible a player must have gone through a year of college.

What is an nba women basketball player?

She is a WNBA player.

What wnba player is gay?

All of them.

What WNBA player was named after a building?


Tallest WNBA player?

Margo Dydek is the tallest WNBA player, like she is so tall I'm 5,9 and she's 7,2.

The average salaries WNBA from 1997 to 2007?

what was the average salary for a wnba player ,between1997 & 2007

Who was the first player chosed at this years WNBA draft?

The first player chosen in the 2008 WNBA draft was Candace Parker from the University of Tennessee.

What is the salary of a WNBA player?

The average salary of a WNBA player is about $72,000. The league minimum is $35,000. After three years of experience the minimum is $51,000.

What are Lisa Leslie's achievements?

4x olympic gold medalist(1996,2000,2004,2008),First player to dunk in a WNBA game,First WNBA player to reach 3,000 point plateau,MVP of both WNBA finals and All-Star game at the same season(2002),Led WNBA in rebounds in 1997 and 1998,First player to win both WNBA finals MVP and All-Star game MVP,3x WNBA MVP (2001,2004,2006),First player to dunk in a WNBA game,7x WNBA All-Star (1999-2003,2005,2006)2x Defensive Player Of The Year (2004,2008),All-Decade Team,All-WNBA First Team(1997,2000-2004,2006),All-WNBA Second Team(1998,1999,2005),All-Defensive First Team(2006),All-Defensive Second Team(2005)

Who makes the most money in the WNBA?

WNBA maximum salaries are capped according to length of time in the WNBA. In 2013, the most that I player could earn was $107,000 if they had played in the WNBA for at least 6 years.

Who is the best player in the WNBA?

maya moore

Who is Tamika Catchings?

wnba ball player

Who is the best WNBA player there is?

candace Parker

What is the age range for a WNBA player?


Who is the cutiest player in the WNBA?

Sue Bird

Where can you find WNBA pictures?

Which WNBA player makes the most money?

The WNBA player currently making the most money is Candace Parker. With endorsements and salary, she makes $3,000,000 a year. However, the highest salary possible in the WNBA is $105,000 a season.

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