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How do you preserve a signed football?

To make sure an autographed football stays intact, it can be housed in a sealed box or case. You can also store it so it is protected from the elements.

What does cognitive function grossly intact mean?

Cognition is how you process information and perceive things in relation to you, other processes are involved though wiki for more information. If something is grossly intact. It means it deviates very little from the norm. So basically from a viewing a doctor thought your mind processed information in a normal way.

How do you spell intact?

Intact is correct.

Who owns intact insurance?

Intact Insurance

What is a sentence for the word intact?

Make sure the drawer stays intact! Don't break anything, when I get back it better be intact. The house better be intact when I get back!

What is a good sentence to use the word intact?

He left with his dignity intact.Luckily, the vase was still intact.

What Pharaohs tomb was rediscovered intact intact?


Can you write a sentence using the word intact in a sentence?

Despite the long fall, the toy was still intact. She had kept the room intact, exactly as he left it.

Are silver dishes worth more intact or melted?


What is the population of Intact Financial?

The population of Intact Financial is 6,700.

What is Intact Financial's population?

Intact Financial's population is 10,365.

What is intact skin?

wounded skin Um, no. Wounded skin is the OPPOSITE of intact skin. Look up the word "intact"

Use the word intact in a sentence?

By luck or by charm, he made it through the scandal with his reputation intact.I am grateful that my sanity is still intact!

If the cover of a Will is defaced or damaged does this affect its validity?

As long as the will is intact and legible, it is valid. The cover normally does not contain any critical information.

How do you use intact in a sentence?

The exposed wire was intact with the sheet of metal.

What is intact rock?

an intact rock is a rock with no joints or bedding plan

Is intact one word or a compound word?

Intact is not a compound word.

How would you put the word intact into a sentence?

intact is a dumb word

What does word intact mean?

Intact means unbroken, in one unit.

What is the value of a 1985 newspaper of Pete Rose beating Ty Cobb's record?

Sorry, I don't have the answer. However I have that same newspaper, totally intact, to include the Pete Rose insert that shows every hit he made. Additionally, my copy is autographed by Pete Rose. The signature is across his picture, on the front page. So, If someone knows how much the newspaper is worth, I would love to find out what it is worth... autographed.

What is an intact male rabbit called?

The intact male Rabbit is called a Buck.

What type of barrier is an intact epidermis?

An intact epidermis constitutes a physical barrier.

What is an intact male donkey called?

Intact male donkeys are called Jacks.

What is an intact male goat called?

An intact male goat is called a buck.

Does the nucleus store information?

Yes it does. The cell stores information in the form of DNA, and most of the cell's DNA is located inside the nucleus. When a cell divides, the information stored in DNA must be reproduced and passed intact to the 2 daughter cells.