Where did Archimedes work?

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What is Archimedes heat ray?

its in invention that that Archimedes made but it didnt work

When and where did Archimedes work?

Syracuse, Italy.

What were Archimedes contributions to math?

Archimedes discovered how to work out the area of the circle, and he also discovered pi.

How did Hellenistic doctors increased their knowledge by?

studying the work of Archimedes.

Impact of Archimedes?

Archimedes was a Greek mathematician. He came up with quite a few formulas and some significant work regarding Pi. However, his work was not elaborated on until more modern times.

What was the name of Merlin's owl?


Who was in Archimedes family?

Archimedes had a father who was an astronomer and also was a mathematician. A lot of the work was burnt so it is unknown if he was married, had children or we dont know about his mother.

What was Archimedes' contribution to society?

it helped mankind do there home work.

Did Archimedes work with another scientist?

most of Archimedes belongings where destroyed in fires from his experiments so it is very hard to tell whether he worked with other scientists or not.

Who invented Archimedes' screw?

Archimedes invented Archimedes' screw.

Archimedes did not what?

One of the things that Archimedes did not do is that Archimedes did not write Elements of Geometry.

How does the Archimedes screw work?

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Was Archimedes know for the Nobel Prize or something named after him?

Archimedes didnt get Nobel prize. Some of his discoveries / inventions are: Archimedes principle, Archimedes screw, claw of Archimedes.

When was the block and tackle invented?

The block and tackle was brought to us by Archimedes (287BC - 212BC), but neither Archimedes, nor any who wrote about him and his extraordinary work dated the invention.

What was Archimedes origin?

What is Archimedes origin?

What did Archimedes studied?

Archimedes' principle

Is Aristotle more famous then Archimedes?


Was Archimedes an inventor?

Yes, Archimedes was an inventor.

Who are the parents of Archimedes?

whos parent archimedes

What awards was Archimedes given?

what was archimedes arwared

What is the Archimedes pulley?

a pulley that Archimedes made

What contributions did Archimedes have on chemistry?

Archimedes was not a chemist.

What has Archimedes contributed to chemistry?

Archimedes was not a chemist.

Is Archimedes Archimedes' real name?

He is only known as Archimedes of Syracuse ( now Sicily).

What is the birth name of Archimedes Patti?

Archimedes Patti's birth name is Archimedes L.A. Patti.