Where did Chris Jericho go in 2010?

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After departing wwe,he went on tour with his band, Fozzy
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Is Chris Jericho really fired or is he going to come back soon?

He's not on the superstar list anymore, so it doesn't look like he'll be back anytime soon, if ever. Answer right now he's touring with his band, Fozzy in Australia. he'll probably make a suprise return, but not in the near future. Answer He's taking some rest and probably playing with his gui ( Full Answer )

Where is Chris Jericho?

I just saw him on a tv show a couple days ago as a talk showhost or something

When is chris Jericho coming back?

Chris Jericho did not come back to the WWE before Wrestle Mania 27, researching when though, I had to improve that LIE of an answer....

Is chris Jericho married or dating?

chris is not marrried to crissy washington, they were going out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. July 2, 2008. Chris is very much married to Jessica and they have a son and twin daughters.. I heard that they got a divorce. Well she must be blind too. Who the heck would "make love" with him??????

Is Chris Jericho single?

Yes Chris Jericho hacked up Randy Orton's 2 kids . No Chris Jericho is not single. He is currently married to Jessica Lee Lockhart, they have 3 kids

Where is Chris Jericho from?

He was born in Manhasset, New York but he grew up in Winnipeg, Canada. Now he lives in Tampa, Florida I believe. At least a few years ago he did.

Does Chris Jericho have kids?

Yes. Jericho's wife is named Jessica Lee Lockhart, with whom he has a son, Ash Edward Irvine (born September 24, 2003) and two daughters, twins Cheyenne Lee Irvine and Sierra Lorreta Irvine (born July 18, 2006)

Why did Chris Jericho turn heel?

It was because of what happened to Orton at One Night Stand, when he broke his collarbone. They needed a dominant heel for RAW. Don't worry though, he said in an interview 2 months ago that in 6 months he would turn face again, witch means in about 4 months he'll be back to the same Chris Jericho we ( Full Answer )

When did Chris Jericho turn heel?

Chris Jericho turned heel at Backlash 2008, where he was the special guest referee in the match between Shawn Michaels and Batista. Batista hit the Batista Bomb on Michaels and went for the pin. Jericho made a fast count and Michaels still kicked out. Jericho refused to count when Michaels had Batis ( Full Answer )

When did chris Jericho get married?

Wrestler Chris Jericho got married on July 30, 2000 to JessicaLockhart. Chris recently returned to the WWE after being away for afew months.

Is Chris Jericho going to retire?

He might he has a DVD coming out and he said he does not want a DVD until the end of his career and when most people retire they have a DVD coming out if you don't believe me watch the end of his DVD idk HBK had a DVD before wrestle mania 26. maybe he might be up against cena in a career vs care ( Full Answer )

What does Chris Jericho do?

He actually is a former wrestler, part of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) - which is split into two, Smackdown and RAW, Chris Jericho is part of RAW. jericho is now back in wrestling, and he is not just a wrestler.... he is having the fozzy rock group,he has written a book, he does many tv show ( Full Answer )

Is chris Jericho doink the clown?

He was once. Doink was played by a whole host of wrestlers. The longest serving Doink was Matt Osborne ('92-'94), but after that the character became more of a gimmick than a character. Jericho dressed as Doink only once, to ambush William Regal on March 26th 2001. Due to face Regal at Wrestlemani ( Full Answer )

Chris Jericho has any tattoos?

yes he does on he right leg near his crutch sayin his sons name. as i sign to say he used it to bring his son to life

Will chris Jericho return in 2009?

Ofcourse hes gonna return. Wwe is just doing it for show. If you watched, last time he was fired then returned to raw in 2008

Will Chris Jericho turn face?

I'm sure he will eventually, because he can't possibly quit wrestling with his current persona or he will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The most likely possibilities are that he will take some time off, or he will feud with somebody that is hated even more than him. DONT LISTEN TO HIM ( Full Answer )

What date was Chris Jericho born?

Chris Jericho was born on November 9th, 1970 currently its 2010 and he is 39 years old. Please check Chris Jericho in the old days and see how long his hair was and such a heel.Chris Jericho has his own band now called Fozzy,they recently published their latest album called CHASING THE GRAIL< check ( Full Answer )

Did chris Jericho die?

No! If you watch Friday night smack down @ 8:00 PM , you will see the gorgeous hunk wrestling those dirt bags!

Is chris Jericho and edge brothers?

Chris Irvine is Chris Jericho, and Adam Copeland is Edge :) "no Jericho is called chris irvine, and edge is called something copeland" No edge is wayyyyy better looking then Jericho --- Edge? not really. his body and his hair are nice... but his face ... well, not the best.

Why is chris Jericho such a jerk?

because he is paid to be one. Great answer. I just wish he would go back to being the old Chris Jericho even though he is really good at playing the jerk

Who is chris Jericho best friend?

Lance Storm who was his first friend in the wrestling business. Also Chris Benoit was very close to him, as well as Edge and Christian. He's also been hanging out with Gregory Helms a lot.

Was Chris Jericho European champion?

Jericho won the European Championship at WrestleMania 16 from Kurt Angle, but lost it the next night to Eddie Guerrero. Angle had both the European and Intercontinental belts and both were on the line in a triple threat match. Jericho won the European belt and Benoit won the Intercontinental belt.

Where did chris Jericho go to school?

i don't know what high school, but it was in winnipeg. he went to red river college in winnipeg and studied journalism

Why was Chris Jericho arrested?

Chris Irvine ("Chris Jericho") and wrestler Gregory "Hurricane" Helms were arrested on January 27, 2010 in Fort Mitchell, KY (near Cincinnati, OH). The police report stated that Helms was creating a disturbance by punching Chris and other occupants who had been sharing a taxicab.

When did Chris Jericho debut?

His debut was in 1999 no it was in 1998 to WcW then he took a break and everyone forgot about him and returned to Raw is War in 1999

Is Chris Jericho injured?

No,that was a storyline because chris Jericho is taking a hiatus from wrestling to go on tour with his band fozzy.

Did chris Jericho retired from WWE?

no Jericho is take a break because Randy Orton kicked him in the sulk and because he is the lead singer in the band Fozzy

How did Chris Jerichos mother die?

Due to complications from being paralyzed. And in case you want to know how she became paralyzed, her boyfriend (not Jericho's father, they were divorced) beat her up.

Is chris Jericho go on tna?

No. Ever since joining in 1999, Jericho has been a loyal WWE worker and he would never jump to TNA, even if he got fired because he has so much more things he can do outside of wrestling.

What happen to Chris Jericho on WWE?

Chris Jericho is taking a leave of absence from the WWE to heal from several previous injuries. It is currently unknow whether he will be back or not. The above is not true, Jericho did not take a leave of absence he left when his contract was up to travel with his rock band Fozzy. He has no plans ( Full Answer )

How can you get Chris Jericho on WWE 12?

Go to community creations in the home menu, type in "Jericho" or something like that. Organize the search results into highest ratings. Choose the first one.

Will chris Jericho return in 2013?

Maybe 2013 maybe later on but on twitter the week he left he wrote you haven't seen the last of y2j so he'll be back

Who is better mankind or chris Jericho?

Depends on your definition of "better." Chris Jericho is much more technically sound as a wrestler and a fantastic performer, but Mick Foley is one of the greatest all around performers of all time. Better wrestler: Jericho, Better entertainer: Foley.