Where did coach john wooden grow up as a child?

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He grew up in Martinsville, Indiana near Centerton Elementary School.
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Where did John F. Kennedy grow up?

Kennedy spent his childhood in Brookline, Massachusetts, New york City and Bronxville, New York as well at the famly's winter home in Palm Beach, Florida and their home in Hyannis Port on Cape Cod.

Where did John Cabot grow up?

John Cabot's son, Sebastian, said his father originally came fromGenoa, but he lived most of his early life in Venice.

Where did John Ford grow up?

John Ford (born Feeny) the director was born and grew up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine in 1894.

Where did john tyler grow up?

John Tyler grew up at Greenway, his father's plantation on the James River in Charles City County, Virginia.

What did john cena do when he was growing up?

John played footy when he was growning up, number 54. He also went through a phase as a body builder. It was during this time that Mr. McMahon called him and asked if he would come to WWE and have a trial. If you want anymore information on John Cena, you can order some DVD's off Bigpond Movies Club ( Full Answer )

Where did john Madden grow up?

Madden was born in Minnesota and moved to Daly City, California at age 7, graduating from Jefferson High School in Daly City.

What did john Cabot want to do when he grow up?

he wanted to be a merchant and he dreamed about one day sailing like he's father when he was little he aslo dreamed of speaking English because he hadent knowen how to yet speak enlish but he later got taught by sailors .

Where did John Howard grow up?

John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia from March 1996 until December 2007, grew up in a suburb of Sydney named Earlwood.

Did John Belushi grow up in Chicago?

John Belushi was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 24, 1949. He was the son of his Albanian immigrant parents Agnes and Adam Belushi, who owned a restautant. His family moved to Wheaton Illinois when John was six-years-old, where he grew up. He attended high school at Wheaton Central High. After ( Full Answer )

What to do when a child does not want to grow up?

That's interpretive as males don't reach full maturity until age 30, and females at age 24. Also, as our overall lifespans are increasing, we are developing slower at the beginning of life.

Where did Pope John XXIII grow up?

Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was born and grew up in Sotto il Monte, a small country village in the Province of Bergamo, Italy.

Did John the Baptist grow up in the wilderness?

>John the Baptist was six months older than Jesus when Herod made the decision to kill every male baby under the age of two for fear that a child from this age group would grow up and become King of the Jews and therefore displace him as King. Zacharias and Elizabeth the parents of John lived in the ( Full Answer )

Where did captain John smith grow up at?

He was born and raised in Wiloughby, Lincolnshire, England; and lived there until he was 16 when he became a sailor on a merchant trade ship.

Where did John Wesley Powell grow up?

John Wesley Powell Grew Up In Mount Morris New York With His Brother William His Father Joseph And His Mother Mary Dean

Where did John Logie Baird grow up?

John Logie Baird was born and brought up in Helensburgh and attended Glasgow University. He moved to Hastings in East Sussex in 1922 and it was there that he invented television.

Where did Maya Angelou grow up as a child?

Well, Maya Angelou was raised in St. Louis, Missouri until she was three years old then she moved to Stamps, Arkansas with her grandma until she was seven then she moved back to St. Louis where her mother's boyfriend raped her so 2 months later she moved BACK to Stamps until she was 12, then she mov ( Full Answer )

Who did John Lennon grow up with?

At first, his mom. Then his dad Left over seas in an air raid war. She then gave custody to Aunt Mimi.

What team did john wooden coach for?

Dayton High School - 2 yrs (Kentucky) South Bend Central High School - 9 yrs (Indiana) Indiana State University - 2 yrs UCLA - 27 yrs

Can your fable 3 child grow up?

nope, orphans stay 9 years old but there pre-grown. and if you HAVE a kid they grow up to be 9 to so basicaly there always 1-9

What was it like to grow up as child in Sparta?

First you need to know that all spartan citizens are warriors and because of that children were sent to training camps where most boys were treated harshly they first arrived at these camps at seven and were beaten and starved most of the time to learn one lesson to endure pain that was a boys life ( Full Answer )

Where did Nicki Minaj grow up as a child?

no, she didn't grow up in Trinadad, she was born in Trinadad, but spent most of her childhood until she got famous in Southside Jamaica Queens New York.

Will a child with hip dysplasia have hip problems as they grow up?

Not unless they have been treated for it in a young age. as Dr.Abu Sneineh Kareem, who is a leading expert in DDH or d evelopment dysplasia of the hip for infants, he emphasize on the importance of treating DDH in an early age, so to avoid future complications

Who is John Wooden?

John Wooden is an American basketball player and coach. As headcoach at UCLA he won ten NCAA national championships in 12 years.Seven of which were in a row.

How does child abuse affect a child when they grow up?

I went way over to the other side of the child-rearing spectrum.....no punishment or discipline at all. I was so afraid of becoming like my mother & her husband, that I did the exact opposite. That isn't good either. Now that they are teens, they do not respect me at all. . Some children repeat the ( Full Answer )

Where did Elton John grow up?

He was born in his grandparents house in Pinner, Greater London, England, United Kingdom, were he also grew up.

How did John F. Kennedy grow up?

John F. Kennedy was born into a wealthy family and lived a very privileged childhood that included frequent trips to Cape Cod in a private boat, private schools, and servants. He grew up in a family of 11 with a mother and father, 3 brothers and 5 sisters. The siblings had a competitive but loving r ( Full Answer )

Was John Adams poor growing up?

Well, he wasn't exactly poor. He grew up as the son of a farmer. And he very much enjoyed the farming. To say, he wasn't exactly poor.

Where did john marshall grow up?

John James Marshall, born on September 24, 1755, was named the fourth Chief Justice of the U.S. John grew up in a rural town known as Midland, Virginia.

What city did john glenn grow up?

John Glenn grew up in New Concord, Ohio. He attended New ConcordElementary School, New Concord High School and Muskingum College inNew Concord, Ohio.

How do you know when your child is growing up?

How do you as a parent now when your child is growing up. For me it is when you as a parent have drawn a line in the sand (made a decision) and your child tries to cross it. This is when I now that they are growing up and they start to make decisions for themselves. Too many parents want to control ( Full Answer )

How do you know your child is growing up?

How do you as a parent now when your child is growing up. For me it is when you as a parent have drawn a line in the sand (made a decision) and your child tries to cross it. This is when I now that they are growing up to start to make decisions for themselves. Too many parents want to control their ( Full Answer )

What town did john glenn grow up in?

John Glenn grew up in New Concord,Ohio. He attended New Concord Elementary School, New Concord HighSchool, and Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio.

What did John the Baptist do when growing up?

That's easy, John whose real name is Yochanan, being a Levite andhis father a priest, which makes him a priest and a Nazarite on topof it, he would have been studying the Torah (aka the Law) from thetime he could understand how to talk, that's what Orthodox Jews do,they study, study and do more stud ( Full Answer )

Where did king arthur grow up as a child?

The story of Camelot may be based on a bit of fact, but there is no sure evidence that it ever existed. The story changes over time. In some he is raised by Merlin, but others never really tell us. We usually find him as a knight's page as a teen, but that is vague as location.

When did John wooden coach the bruins?

Started coaching in 1928 for the Purdue boilermakers.Then went to coach the UCLA bruins and won 10 championships in 12 years. He coached the Bruins from 1948-1960.