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hermosa beach, California

hermosa beach, California

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Q: Where was the first skate competition?
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What do you do in a skate competition?

You skate.

Where can i win a skateboard?

In a skate competition.

Where was Ryan shecklers first competition?

It was in Florida at some place called,BIG GRINDY skate park:)

Where do you buy roller skate?

At a competition, or on the internet.

How do you unlock the stadium in Skate 3?

it is the last competition and when you win that you automatically get it

How much money does a professional skate boarder make?

Depends on who your sponsored by and competition money as well.

How about skate boarding?

its fun and if you want to skate you first get a board and it has to have plastic trucks

Who won the 2007 Tampa pro skate competition?

Christian Perez with a nollie 360 flip to frontside crook

How do you play skate in Skate 3?

i can play state 3 , first i did what couch frank says

What actors and actresses appeared in His First Skate - 1912?

The cast of His First Skate - 1912 includes: Fred Kohler as Jack Cole

When was FIRST Robotics Competition created?

FIRST Robotics Competition was created in 1992.

When was Bethany Hamilton's first competition?

She was eight when she participated in her first competition, in 1998

What is the participle in this sentence 'The audience applauded the couple skating in the competition'?

skating is the participle form of the verb "to skate"

Where are the skate wheels in dizzywood?

You have to first accept the quest before skate wheels start showing up.

What came first skate boarding or snow boarding?

Skate Boarding was invented before Snow Boarding.

Do you need to know how to roller skate to ice skate?

not necessarily.... i learned to ice skate first and then i was a pro roller skater. It doesnt really make a difference.

In the first skate why do you go to jail?

well i beat skate 1 and 2 and at the end of skate 1 you get arrested for some reason and i think slappy had something to do with it

When did people first skate?

the early sixties

When was the first skate park made?


How do you get off of a skateboard in skate the game?

You can only do that in skate2 by pressing the Y button,,, You cant do it in the first skate game

When did people first start ice skating?

when pople first skate

When did Tom Daley do his first competition?

Tom did his first competition aged 8-years-old.

What is Harding known for?

Tonya Harding is known for being an American figure skating champion, a two time olympian, and a two time skate America champion, and the first women to complete a triple axel jump in a competition.

Who invented the first figure skate?

Jackin Hanins

Can you get first person mode in Skate 3?