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Which MLB player has won the most Gold Glove awards?


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Greg Maddux

As of the start of the 2007 season, Maddux, Jim Kaat, and Brooks Robinson are tied for the most Gold Gloves won with 16.


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As of the 2007 season, Roberto Clemente and Willie Mays are tied with the most Gold Glove awards with 12.

Pitcher Jim Kaat won 16 consecutive Gold Glove awards ... 14 in the American league between 1962-1975 and two in the National League between 1976-1977.

As of the 2007 season, Keith Hernandez is the 1st baseman that has won the most Gold Glove awards with 11.

Don Mattingly won nine Gold Glove awards, the most in Yankees history.

As of the 2007 season, pitchers Jim Kaat and Greg Maddux, and 3rd baseman Brooks Robinson have won the most Gold Gloves in MLB history with 16.

The New York Yankees have won dozens of Gold Glove awards throughout the award's history. The most notable is Derek Jeter, who has won five of them.

lebron james is the player with the most mvp awards

There are a few awards at each world cup, like the Golden Glove. The best goalkeeper. The golden boot , for the player who scores the most goals. The young player of the tournament. The Golden Ball for the man of the tournament.

• 1996: American League Rookie of the Year • 2000: All-Star Game Most Valuable Player • 2000: World Series Most Valuable Player • 2002 ESPY: Play of the Year • 2004: American League Gold Glove at SS • 2005: American League Gold Glove at SS • 2006: American League Hank Aaron Award • 2006: American League Gold Glove at SS • 2006: American League Silver Slugger • 2007: American League Silver Slugger 2008: American League Silver Slugger - 2009: American League Gold Glove at SS - 2009: American League Silver Slugger - 2009: American League Hank Aaron Award - 2009: Roberto Clemente Award - 2009: Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Award - 2010: American League Gold Glove at SS

He uses one of the Rawlings Gold Glove series gloves. Based on pictures, it looks most similar to this one:

Roger Maris is most noted for being a Major League Baseball player. He was a right fielder. He was known for being an American League Most Valuable Player, All Star and a Gold Glove winner.

Luis Aparicio and Omar Vizquel are tied for most Gold Gloves in the American League with 9 Vizquel has 11 total(counting both leagues). Ozzie Smith has the most Gold Gloves all time in the National League as well as MLB for a SS with 13 .

In Baseball the most MVP awards won by a player was Barry Bonds with 7.

•He has 3 Most Valuable Player Awards and 3 NBA finals Most Valuable Player Awards. And of course you can add those 5 championship rings.

he won the most valuable player awards 4 times

Rick Burleson was a shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. He played for the Sox for seven years and Don Zimmer nicknamed him "The Rooster"! He received the Gold Glove Award and Most Valuable Player award.

Australia won the most number of awards, 177 in total with 74 Gold, 55 Silver and 48 Bronze.

1941 Wilson GloveYou did not mention the model of the glove, and if it had a player endorsement. The bulk of the value of a collectible glove relies on the player that endorsed it. Without one it will have a low collectors value, and rely on vintage baseball glove features, web style etc. Most likely the glove being from 1941 it is a split finger, and would sell below $30.

I cant post picture on wiki, but a legendary glove is like a normal glove. it is member and it has fake claws. The unarrest colour is gold while the rarest it black and red. Most have two colours.

Rawlings is the most used baseball glove company in the pros and probably the most common brand glove in the U.S.

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Because he is the best player in the world. He won many awards including stanley cup, olympic gold and he became the young captain of penguin. So they were jelous because, thier favorite player in not one of the best player and not won many awards and achievement since childhood. Sid has won many awards since a young kid. The most of all SID is a good kid after all.

Wilson a series, rawlings primos, gold gloves, and pro prefferd

The bulk value of a collectible baseball glove will rely on the player that endorsed it. Without a player endorsement the glove will have a low collectors value relying on vintage glove designs from that era. In general about $30. or so depending on the condition of the glove. Most common flaws with Gloves are: loose or broken lacing/webbing, Dry or cracking leather, ripped Manufacturer label on back, printing on glove worn out, and the person who owned of the glove, name on it.

Joe Montana was the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowls XVI, XIX and XXIV.

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