Which NCAA football team has won the most National Championships in modern football?

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For Division I - Football Bowl Subdivision (most commonly thought of as College Football around the nation).

Officially the NCAA does not officially name a National Champion for their Football Bowl Subdivision "FBS" (formerly known as Division I-A). They rely on outside organizations to name a National Champion. Currently that organization is the Bowl Championship Series. The teams with the most BCS National Titles are the University of Florida and Louisiana State University (LSU) with two. The BCS has been around for 11 years, so if that is what you would consider "modern era" that is your easy answer.

Other than that, really the only thing you can do is look at All Time National Championships. Before the BCS, there were a plethora of National polls and rankings, so there was no clear national champion every single year before 1998.

As for all time champions... Alabama claims the most all-time with 12. Notre Dame and Michigan both claim 11 and Ohio State, Oklahoma, Southern Cal all claim 7.

For National Collegiate Athletic Association Divisions not including Division I - FBS (most of which are not commonly considered as college football on the same level as Division I - FBS).

The question is which team has won the most national championships. (And though not clearly stated, I'm assuming the questioner intended the answer to be limited to FBS, aka, Divsion I-A, teams. If not, the answer is the Division III Mount Union Purple Raiders, with 10.

Although the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) does not officially award a national championship in Division I FBS, it does recognize a number of polling and ranking organizations that name a national champion and recognize a members right to claim a national championship by being selected by one of these organizations. A complete list of every national championship recognized by the NCAA can be found at the link below from 1869 through 2006. The eight schools with the most national championships recognized by the NCAA are listed below.

Princeton - 28
Yale - 27
Notre Dame - 21
Alabama - 17
Southern California - 17
Oklahoma - 16
Michigan - 15
Ohio State - 14
List of NCAA recognized national championships:

It should be noted though, that while a school may be recognized for a certain number of national championships by the NCAA, that does not necessarily mean the school claims all of the championships.
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Which NCAA football coach has won the most Division I national championships?

According to the 2010 College Football Data Warehouse (see below), Bear Bryant of Alabama has the most, with 6. Next are Bernie Bierman of Minnesota with 5, then Frank Leahy of Notre Dame and Robert Neyland of Tennessee with 4 each. Barry Switzer and Bud Wilkinson, both of Oklahoma, and John McKay o ( Full Answer )

What conference has won the most NCAA football championships?

Conference with Most NCAA Football Championships Here are some opinions from FAQ Farmers: . Alabama . I think the Big8/12 and the SEC are tied at 14 since 1936. . When did "Alabama" become a conference? - The Big Ten easily has the most national championships. There are 20 national champio ( Full Answer )

Who has won the most NCAA football Division 1 national championships?

Yale is credited with winning the most national championships ? 18. Princeton has won 17. However, Yale's last title was in 1927 and Princeton's was in 1922. Since 1936Notre Dame Has the most with 8. Since the inception of the BCS in'98 the University of So. California (USC) has the most with 2.. A ( Full Answer )

Which NCAA division 1 team has won the most football championships?

Answer . OK, I will try to list these in order for you incase you want to know who has the 2nd most wins also. I have gone back to 1936 because in 1935 the organization choosing the Champions was the CFRA,HAF and the NCF.. Listed from most to least. Ties included.. 12 Alabama 12 Notre Dame 11 S ( Full Answer )

Which teams won the last 20 NCAA football championships?

\n. \n NCAA Football Wins \n. \nCoaches Poll only listed. The NCAA only recognized the National champion as of the advent of the BCS...which acknowldges the Coaches vote for the the winner of the BCS #1 vs #2 game. Media poll champs were deleted.\n. \n1985\nOklahoma\n11-1-0\n. \n1986\nPenn ( Full Answer )

What are opinions on who will be the winning team of the NCAA Football National Championships?

In my discussion back in Sept, I provided several opinions as to who would make it, and only got 1 out of 8 right. So, I'll stick with Ohio State...even though I'll root for the gators.. 2007? . I assume the previous answer is about the 2006 season. So I will offer my thoughts on the upcoming 20 ( Full Answer )

Who won the 2006 NCAA FOotball national championship?

The NCAA-CFB National Championship Game is played during the January following the year for which the season is played, therefore; The 2006 Season's NCG was played January 8, 2007 when the #2 University of Florida defeated #1 Ohio State 41-14 in the Arizona Fiesta Bowl. This was UF's first 'Crystal ( Full Answer )

Most ncaa football national championship wins?

I guess this is a better answer than Ohio State. This is as of 2009 and are all time. Princeton (NJ) . 26 . Yale (CT) . 18 . Notre Dame (IN) . 13 . Alabama . 12 . Michigan . 11 . Southern California . 10 . Pittsburgh (PA) . 9 . Harvard (MA) . 8 . Ohio St. . 7 . Oklahoma . 7 ( Full Answer )

Who won the national championship for ncaa division 1 football?

2008: Florida Gators . 2007 LSU Tigers 2006 Florida Gators . 2005 Texas: AP, BCS , Berryman, Billingsley, Colley Matrix, DeVold, Dunkel, Eck, FACT, FW, Massey, Matthews, NFF, Sagarin (ELO-Chess), Seattle Times, Sporting News, USA/ESPN, Wolfe Southern California: Harris. 2004 S ( Full Answer )

What NCAA team has won the national championship the most?

Depending on whose records a person goes by, it is either NotreDame or Alabama. The AP Poll lists eight championships for eachteam. The NCAA record book lists Alabama with nine, and Notre Damewith five.

Which team out of the big ten won most national football championships?

SEC:Alabama, 11 Year Team Record Coach 1925 Alabama (CF, HF) 10-0-0 Wallace Wade 1926 Alabama (CF, HF) 9-0-1 Wallace Wade 1930 Alabama (CF) 10-0-0 Wallace Wade 1934 Alabama (Du, Wi) 9-0-0 Frank Thomas 1961 Alabama (AP, UP, NF) 11-0-0 Paul "Bear" Bryant 1964 Alabama (AP, UP) 10-1-0 Paul "Bear" Bryant ( Full Answer )

Which NCAA football teams have never won a national championship?

mississippi st, oregon st, cincinnati,oklahoma st, south carolina,kentucy, rutgers, kansas, north carolina st, louisville, houston, virgina, purdue missouri, air force, arizona, oregon, navy, texas tech, north carolina, wisconsin, utah, west virgina, arizona st, and virgina tech.

What ncaa football team has won the most division 1 national championships?

Each year since 1883 a college football champion has been declared. Although the method has evolved over the years the tradition is carried on today with an NCAA Division 1A Football Champion being compiled by the BCS computers. Below are some of the other selection mechanisms used: Helms Athleti ( Full Answer )

What college football team won the 1958 national championship?

According to two of the four major polling organizations, the AP and the UPI, the 1958 LSU team (11-0 record) were granted the title of National Champions prior to bowl games and the end of the season. However, according to the Football Writers Association of America, which was the most well recogni ( Full Answer )

What team won the 1958 college football national championship?

Remember that college football division I does not always have a single national champion. In 1958: Iowa won one the Football Writers poll, arguably the most prestigious organization at the time to vote on a national champion after the bowls were played. LSU won all other major polls, and widely ( Full Answer )

What NCAA football team won back to back championships?

How many ncaa football teams have won back to back national championships? Since the Poll Era began in 1936, when the Associated Press (AP) crowned a champion at the end of the year (the Coaches Poll joined them in 1950), there have been 6 schools to accomplish the feat, officially--7, if you wan ( Full Answer )

What team won the 1960 college football national championship?

Minnesota were recognized as the AP National Champions, and also won the UPI and AFF National Championships that year (all 3 being recognized by the NCAA as consensus national champions). Ole Miss won the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) National Championship, the only other award rec ( Full Answer )

Which college team has won the most national championships in college football?

Cincinnati bearcats . Since the question does not restrict the answer to a particular division, the answer is the Mount Union Purple Raiders , who have won 10 Division III National Championships. There are a couple of Division I-A teams who "have" more than 10 national championships, but few, ( Full Answer )

What college football team won the national championship in 1911?

The NCAA does not have a national championship at the FBS level, and had none of any kind in 1911. Multiple organizations have retroactively selected a national champion for 1911, and among those listed in the NCAA Records Book, 8-0-2 Princeton is a unanimous selection for the 1911 mythical natio ( Full Answer )

What NCAA conference have the most teams who have won at least one national championship in football?

According to NationalChamps.net All time data base the answer would be the Big 10 with 7 teams, and second the SEC with 6. Big 10: Illinois 4 titles, Iowa 1 title, Michigan 10 titles, Michigan State 2 titles, Ohio State 5 titles, Penn State 4, and Minnesota with 6 titles for a total of 42 National ( Full Answer )