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alumiun bats are better because they are hollow and because they have a bigger sweet spot than wood

another reason is that they bend then use the momentum to "smack" that bal out of there

the power in and alumiun bat is about 15% more then that of a wooden bat... but i personal like the swing of a wooden bat the weight seems to be more towards the end of the bat and swings it self

also, the aluminum bats gets weaker each time it hits the ball and the wood gets stronger.


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Q: Which baseball bat is better wood or aluminum?
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Can you hit a baseball better with a wooden bat or an aluminum bat?

You can hit a baseball better with an aluminum bat because it has more pop than a wood bat has. Also aluminum bats are lighter than wood bats. This is why coaches recommend aluminum bats over wood bats. For more information go to: Little ------------------ Amateurs can hit it farther, yes.

Can you hit a baseball with a wood or aluminum bat?

Both are used.

Which type of baseball bat will make the ball go farther a wooden bat or an aluminum bat?

wood bat

What is bat outer covering?

wooden baseball bat is wood, aluminum baseball bat is aluminium, flying bats are covered in fur.

What is the core of a big barrel baseball bat?

The core of a baseball bat depends solely on whether it is a wood or aluminum bat. The wood bat is made of one piece of wood cut to specific measurements. Aluminum bats are hollow shells of metal. Love the Akadema bbcor Apocalypse bats and wood bat series both are made in the USA.

Wood bat versus aluminum bat?

Aluminum bats last longer and the ball flies farther. These days you can get an aluminum bat for less than $50. It's not as good as the higher end bats ($199+), but it's better than wood. Go with aluminum.

What is inside a baseball bat?

Wood bats are solid...wood. Aluminum and composite bats are hollow.

What baseball bat hits farthest?

Typically a lite weight aluminum bat will hit a ball further than a wood bat.

Why does an aluminum bat hit a baseball farther than a wooden bat?

One difference is the sweet spot size. On a wood bat the sweet spot is about 3 inches. On an aluminum bat it is about doubled. Another reason is that the way wood bats are made, they don't get as much pop as an aluminum. I personally like swinging wood more aluminum because you have to swing harder with wood, which would eventually allow you to hit the ball farther with aluminum.

Can you hit a baseball further with a wood or aluminum bat?

With an aluminum bat the ball travels farther than with a wooden bat the metal bat also has a larger exit speed witch is why it's illegal in the MLB.

How do aluminum bats differ from wood bats in how they interact with a baseball?

The sweet spot on an aluminum bat is way larger. A wood bat has a small area for its sweet spot, wood forces you to swing correctly. With aluminim you can take a bad swing and still hit the ball well. So wood bats are actually better to train and play with (from a devolopmental standpoint).

What a wood bat is made of?


Help you come up with a catchy title for myscience fair project about how fair a baseball travels with either an aluminum bat or a wood bat?

The traveling baseball

History of the baseball bat?

The baseball bat is made out of strong aluminum metal or maple wood. The baseball bat was designed to have a handle bar and a sweet spot. In an aluminum bat, it has electric tape, so when you hit it good or bad it won't sting as much. People came up with batting gloves to prevent stinginess with any bat. That's the history of a baseball bat.

How does the aluminum bat hit farther?

With an aluminum bat the ball jumps better off of the bat then with a wooden bat.

Does an aluminum bat or an metal bat hit a baseball further?

of course an aluminum bat would!!

Does a wood bat have a bigger sweet spot than an aluminum bat?

No it does not

What is a aluminum baseball bat made of?


Does a wood or aluminum baseball bat hit further?

Neither.It depends. No matter what the bat is made of, if the ball hits the same sized bat in the same place at the same speed then the only difference in the distance will be affected by the weight of the bat. Hevier bat means further range. Although wood absorbs the blow of the ball better giving less force to the ball this pretty much doesn't matter because it is a tiny, minute effect.You can hit a baseball much farther with an aluminum bat than a wooden one.

Can a professional baseball player use either a wood or an aluminum bat while playing a game?


What baseball bat hits the farthest wood or aluminum?

aluminum because it absorbs the ball and wood bends with the ball.This is kinda funny because we just did an expirent in sciene on this. we got the aluminum because some wood bats have week spots

Which vibrates more wood or metal bats?

Vibration in baseball bats comes from hitting the ball outside the sweet spot. Hitting the ball on the tip or handle will sting. Aluminum probably stings worse than wood but it depends on the bat, a solid aluminum will be worse than wood, but a hollow aluminum bat will be better than wood. There are many 2 piece bats on the market like the connexion by easton that are designed to prevent sting

Who invented the aluminum baseball bat?

The first aluminum baseball bat was created in the year 1924. The inventor of the bat was named William Shroyer.

What is better aluminum or composite baseball bat?

composite should be better if your not getting the bal at like 500m/h....but if ur getting hard go with aluminium...but honestly......wood is he greatest

Where can you buy an aluminum baseball bat?

Any type of sport store you can get an aluminum bat for baseball or you can go to Walmart