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Wilt Chamberlin scored 100 points in one game.


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Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in an NBA basketball game.

Kareem Abdul - Jabbar with 38,387 points

which player scored 72 points in a division 1 men's basketball game in 1991

Jack Taylor of Grinell college scored 138 points.

The highest number of points scored by an NBA basketball player in an NBA game is 100 points by Wilt Chaimberlain. The second most scored points in the NBA is by Kobe Bryant, at 81 points in a game. The third most scored points in a game, is again by Wilt at 79 points.

He was the best basketball player ever. He scored 1,000,000 points.

Bevo Francis holds the record for most points scored in an NCAA basketball game with 113, set in 1954.

My Basketball team. We scored 296 points, they scored 4 points

Basketball who in the 2012 olympic games scored the most points

it is 100 points by Wilt the stilt Chamberlain

It shows the difference of points the team achieved (scored - scored against) during the time the player was on court. It shows the difference of points the team achieved (scored - scored against) during the time the player was on court.

A basketball hoop is scored as two points.

I believe the answer is Bill Walton, who scored 44 points for UCLA in a Championship game in 1973 or 1974.

The player with the most points in franchise history is kicker Morten Andersen.

On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points.

kareem abdul-jabbar in 1987 for the LA Lakers

a triple double in basketball is when a player has points scored, rebounds and assists in double digits - like 10,10,10

Nick De Yam scored 24560 points in a season.

In the Far Eastern Games, Luis "Lou" Salvador scored the Philippines, and the Far Eastern Games all-time record for the most points scored by a player in a single game. He scored 116 points to lead the Philippines beat China, and recapture the gold medal.

Lawrence Moten

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