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In 1869 Princeton and Rutgers split the College Football National Championship.

The first consensus (Coaches' and Media polls) National Championship was Oklahoma in 1950.

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The Penn State Nittany Lions won the NCAA national title in 1982

The 2009 NCAA Football Championship game will be played in Jan. 2010.

Ohio State won the NCAA National Championship in 1960 by a SLAM DUNK!!!

AnswerThe Florida Gators beat the Ohio State Buckeyes to win the National Championship for 2006-2007.

The championship game for the 2005 college football season was played at the Rose Bowl on January 4, 2006. The Texas Longhorns defeated the USC Trojans 41-38 to win the national championship.

Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Georgia all shared a piece of the championship in 1942, depending on which polls you looked at.

The team that won the NCAA Championship was the Florida Gators.

Danny Ford guided Clemson to its first and only national championship in 1981, and remains the youngest head coach in NCAA history to win a national title, accomplishing the feat at the age of 33.

The Florida State Seminoles won the 2014 NCAA football national championship.

The first official source of college football news was the NCAA. The first college football game was between Princeton and Rutgers University in 1869.

Miami and Washington were both credited with winning the national championship. Miami was No. 1 in the AP poll and Washington No. 1 in the UPI.

Yes ... Troy won the NAIA national championship in 1968 and the NCAA Division II national championship in 1984 and 1987.

Yes. The NFL is professional football and the NCAA is college football.

The NCAA does not select a champion in Division I-FBS college football-the only varsity, NCAA-sponsored sport to not have an official championship. The NCAA does, however, recognize championships that are awarded by "major selectors;" organizations that are generally and widely regarded as major sources. Today, those sources are the BCS (in conjunction with its agreement with the ESPN/USA Today Coaches' Poll) and the Associated Press. Beginning with the 2014 football season, the College Football Playoff will replace the BCS.

Yes. Marist is an NCAA Division I school and a member of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC). In football, Marist is a member of the NCAA Football Championship Subdivision conference Pioneer Football League.

maybe this will help ...

The first NCAA basketball championship was won by Oregon. They beat Ohio State 46-33 in Evanston, Ill 1939.

The NCAA college football mascot for the University of Kentucky is a wildcat. The mascot for the University of Cincinnati is a bobcat.

NCAA Division I FCS Consensus Mid-Major Football National Championship ended in 2007.

NCAA Division I FCS Consensus Mid-Major Football National Championship was created in 2001.

Texas A&M won the NCAA Football National Championship in 1939.

AnswerLSU won the 2007 NC (played in January 2008) LSU 38, Ohio State 24

Alabama won the national BCS championship.

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