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Everton (105 in top tier, 4 in second tier) Liverpool (93, 11) Arsenal (91,13) Spurs (73,16) Chelsea (74,18) Manchester Utd (83,22) Newcastle (80,24) West Ham (51,31) Leicester will play in the third tier for the first time next season (47,56)


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Manchester united, Liverpool, arsenal, everton would be 4 definites that never played outside the top 2 divisions of English football going to come back to this question again after i do a more indept research into the question

There are only two teams in football , Inter Milan in Italy and arsenal in England. Panathinaikos,Olympiakos and PAOK in Greece Have never been relegated too

Both Inter Milan and Arsenal have never ever been relegated in their history.

There are a great number of teams that have never been in the top flight. English football has over 140 leagues from which teams can (in theory) rise all the way to the top level.

Four teams: The Cleveland Browns, the Detroit Lions, the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

There has never been two teams from the same state to rank number 1 or 2 in college football. The number 1 college football team is Mississippi State.

Arsenal have never been relegated from top division under the name of Arsenal F.C

No. There are about 10 teams that have never been relegated, and Liverpool are one of them. That's not actually true they were relegated in the 1950,s

Probably Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal. Not really sure about the rest though.

Arsenal FC since 1919 and Everton since 1954 are the two longest serving teams in the top league of English Football.

4 teams. The only team that has played during EVERY Super Bowl season, yet has NEVER been to a Super Bowl , is the Detroit Lions. Other current teams that have never been are: the Cleveland Browns who where out of football for a few Super Bowl years, then came back. The newer franchises that have never been are the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans. The Rams have been to a Super Bowl , when they were the L.A. Rams .

Vanderbilt has been a member of the SEC since 1933 and never won a SEC conference championship in football.

Houston Texans Jacksonville Jaguars Cleveland Browns New Orleans Saints Detroit Lions

1 Aston villa all the others have been relagated at some point

He didn't play on any NFL Football Teams, but he played for Yale University.

"Manchester United is the only team I know that has never been out of the prem" That answer is incorrect, the only team never to have been relelgated out of the "TOP" league in English Football is Arsenal. Manchester United have only been in the top flight since relegation for 36 years.

The Canadian Football League has eight teams. A ninth franchise has been awarded to Ottawa, but the team has not been created yet.

the only current nfl team to never go to the playoffs is the Houston Texans ... CORRECT THAT.. all nfl teams has been in the playoffs

Wigan is the only team in the premiership that has never been relegated.

The T.O. Terrlle Owens the football Shaq

The NFL Teams that have never been to a Super Bowl are:Cleveland BrownsDetroit LionsHouston TexansJacksonville Jaguars

Since 1933, they are one of the first teams in the American Football League.

The only E.P.L team never ever to be relegated is Arsenal. WRONG. Arsenal were relegated in 1913 then promoted back to the top flight in 1919 no woolwich arsenal were relegated in 1913 then during the ww1 football was suspened officially until war was over in which time they changed to arsenal f.c and came back into top flight English football 1919-1920 season and since then have never been relegated from top flight football.

The following teams have never been to a Super Bowl: Detroit Lions Cleveland Browns Jacksonville Jaguars Houston Texans The following teams have been to a Super Bowl but never won: Arizona Cardinals Philadelphia Eagles Tennessee Titans San Diego Chargers Buffalo Bills Minnesota Vikings Atlanta Falcons Cincinnati Bengals Carolina Panthers

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