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There is not a "best" brand its all about personal preferance but some brands offer or cater to certain styles of Skateboarding such as vert skating, street skating, fasion skating, and popular skaters e.g. element skateboards

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What are the best bearings for skateboarding?

Reds are the best bearings for skateboarding.

What is the best skateboarding shoes brand?

i got to dc are the best shoes others have different postions to the shoes depends what you like. I choose Lakai

What are the release dates for Brand X - 2009 Skateboarding - 2.3?

Brand X - 2009 Skateboarding - 2.3 was released on: USA:24 October 2011

Does Tony Hawk use his brand?

Yes Tony Hawk Does Use His Skateboarding Brand Which Is BirdHouse:D

What are the release dates for Brand X - 2009 Skateboarding 2-3?

Brand X - 2009 Skateboarding 2-3 was released on: USA: 24 October 2011

What is the best skateboarding website?

To watch skateboarding stuff? theberrics.com by far

Is creature a real skateboarding brand?

Yes it is. Is this a bet or something ? haha

Which kind of shoes are good for skateboarding?

Airwalk is the best skateboarding shoes and skateboards.

What is the best construction in skateboarding?

The Best Constructions in Skateboarding and Push constructions,Eternal Life constructions, and Uber Light constructions.

Is Hurley a skateboarding or surfing brand?

More of a surf brand. Has been owned by Nike for the last 18 months or so.

Is girl a good skateboarding brand?

Yes, Girl is one of the best skateboards a person could buy. I've had 7 Girl boards and they work great!

Is enjoi brand considered gay?

Enjoi as in the skateboarding brand? If so, then definitely not.

Is blind the best skateboard company?

There is no best skateboarding company.

What is the most enviromental skateboarding brand?

element-arent they doing that power to the planet thing

Why did chris cole start skating for DC?

Chris Cole said DC came from skateboarding and they are putting all of their efforts into the skateboarding side of the brand. What they can do to improve the function of a skateboarding shoe is a huge draw. That is why he left Fallen to go to DC

The best brand of skateboard shoes?

The best is whatever you favor. But really for skateboarding, I would recommend Vans or Etnies.And propably DC. :) VANS:) Emerica and Es are pretty good brands too. It really just depends on what looks you like. If you would want to find out the different features skate shoes have you can go throw the skateboarding course that Skateboarding University . com offers. Adio, etnies, vans, DC , E's,

What is the best camcorder for skateboarding?

wall eye vision cam corders are the best

Is skateboarding like skateboarding?

skateboarding is 1/4 like skateboarding

Who is the best player in skating?

tony hawk if its skateboarding lol:)

What are some large manufacturers of skateboarding shoes?

There are a number of manufacturers of skateboarding shoes. They include Converse, DC, Vans, Emerica and Vox. Each brand offers their own style, providing many options for the shoppers.

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