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For 2008 - Rajasthan Royals! This year many teams are in contention - Delhi, Chennai, Rajasthan and Hyderabad.

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How many team in ipl?

There are eight teams in ipl.Eight teams fight to win the title.

Which ipl team did Strauss represent?

Strauss never represented any IPL Teams.. He was never selected or bought...

Why IPl teams were made?

IPL teams are made to keep the matches of that teams.

Which team won by 10 wicket in ipl?

Many teams have won by 10 wickets in IPL,just couldn't understand your answer.

Why each team play 14 matches in IPL?

Because if each team plays 2 matches with each team in the IPL,then each team will play 18 matches and then there will be about 95 matches in IPL and the format would have been very long.So,a team plays 2 league matches with only 5 teams and 1 match with 4 teams.

Which IPL team is the most expensive team in 2007?

Mumbai,Bangalore,Hyderabad are the most expensive teams.

Who is the best ipl team?

Kolkata Knight Riders

Was there a bidding for any team of the IPL?

Yes. Two new teams - Pune and Cochi have been added to IPL this year. They will join the league and play from 2011

What is Indian Premium League?

IPL is a cricket team of India. The teams are arranged by states in India, meaning differnet states have different teams.

Which is best team in IPL?

1 delhi dare devils

Who is the best 2014 ipl team?

Royal Challengers Bangalore

Coca-Cola is the official soft drink of which collegiate teams?

The IPL team Delhi Daredevils

Is kings xi Punjab a good IPL team?

alright there are better teams such as bombei bad boys

What is the best thing about easports 2008 for ps2?

which includes eight ipl tons(teams)

How many teams are there in IPL in 2012?

9 Teams

How many teams winner in IPL 2010?

There were 8 teams in IPL 2010 and Chennai Super Kings were the winners

Which is the best ipl cricket team in 2012?

Chennai Super Kings

How many new teams added in ipl?

Till 2010 there were 8 teams in DLF IPL. Now new two teams-Kochi and Pune are added

How many teams participated in the IPL 2010?

Eight Teams

How many teams selected from ipl 2010 semifinal?

A total of 4 out of the 8 teams will be selected for the 2010 IPL season semifinals

How many team played in ipl thisyear?


Which is the best IPL 4 team jersey?

Kolkata Knight Rider's jersey

Who is the owner of kochi ipl team?

Rendezvous sports is the owner of Kochi IPL team

Which team has won 4 IPL?

Mumbai Indians the baddest team in the ipl edition

What is the number of matches in dlf ipl?

60 matches in the ipl between 8 teams

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