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Which major league team once had three players vomit on the field at the same time?

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I heard it was the Seattle Mariners outfield in the early 90's. Kevin Mitchell, Keen Griffey Jr., and Jay Buhner. But I have been a Mariners fan for a long time and I don't remember that. But this just what I heard Yankees No team that I am aware of has had four players vomit on the field in the same game. There is a team that had three players (the entire outfield) vomit in the same inning. Jay Buhner, Kevin Mitchell & Ken Griffey of the Seattle Mariners. It was the Mariners. Kevin Mitchell went first and caused the other two to do as well The seattle Mariners had this unlikely sequence happen to them

2009-05-20 23:31:57
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Who were three major league baseball players of the 1950s?

Bobo Holloman, Ferris Fain and Bob Borkowski.

What three players have played for their major league team for eleven years?

In the National League those players are Chipper Jones, Todd Helton, and Jimmy Rollins. There are more than three players that fit that description in the American League of which Derek Jeter, Paul Konerko, Tim Wakefield and Mariano Rivera are a few.

How many options do Major League Baseball players have?

a player has three option, four if he makes it to the major leagues within 3 years

What are the names of major league players who have three home runs in one game?

Please go to the following web site:

How many baseball players are on the field during play?

Traditionally, there are nine players on the field... the batter is not included, because he is not a 'field' player/position. There are three outfielders, three basemen, a shortstop, a pitcher and a catcher... that equals 9.

What three major powers were not members of the League of Nations?

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Which major league baseball team has the record for most players in one season with at least 20 home runs?

There are three American League teams that are tied with 7 players each. The 2005 Texas Rangers, the 2000 Toronto Blue Jays, and the 1996 Baltimore Orioles.

What player has played in the most different major leagues in baseball?

Since 1915, only two "major" leagues have been in existence; and literally hundreds (if not thousands) of players have been on teams in both leagues. During the seasons of 1914 and 1915, the Federal League operated; and baseball history officially recognizes this as a "major" league. Scores of players -- including six future Hall of Famers -- played in this league as well as either the AL and the NL; so most likely dozens have played in three major leagues. Likewise, a few entire TEAMS jumped from the Player's Association (1890) to the American Association, and then to the National League. Thus, some players went through three leagues in just over three years! I doubt anyone has played in four leagues that are presently and unambiguously considered "major."

How many players have played in the bundesliga and the premier league?

There are three German players to play in the E.P.L. they are Ballack , ziege and Huth.

How many umpires are on the field for major league games?

Multiple umpires-usually two, three or four, but sometimes six for championship games-are typically assigned to a game.

Is the number three retired from major league baseball?


What is the only three letter league to never go on strike?

the mll, major league lacrosse

How many players are there on a Mens lacrosse team?

10 players on the field, a goalkeeper or "goalie" who stays inside the crease; three defenders in the defensive end; three midfielders free to roam the whole field; and three attackers attempting to score goals in the offensive end.

Three Liverpool born players who have won the premier league?

McManaman, Gerrard and Carragher

How many players on the field in baseball?

Nine. Pitcher, Catcher, First base, Second base, Shortstop, Third base, Right Field, Center field, Left field. At bat there is one and at most three on base. so there can be 13 players at most (and a couple of coaches, plus usually three umpires).

Who are three British players who have played for three different British teams in the Champions League?

Chris Sutton David Batty

What major league player stole more than 10 bases for three consecutive seasons?

what major league player stole more than 100 bases for three consecutive seasons

Name 3 players who played in the 1992 champions league and in the 2008 aswell?

The three players to play in in 1992 and 2008 champion league are paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville.

What year did Major league baseball go on strike?

The players have gone on strike or been locked out in 1972, 1981, and 1994. The 1994 strike lasted into the first three weeks of the 1995 season.

What is an Immaculate Inning in Major League Baseball?

An immaculate inning in major league baseball is one in which three batters are retired on nine straight strikes.

What were the average salaries of baseball players in the 1800's?

During the 1880s salaries averaged around $2,000 but stars were paid as much as $10,000. Contracts at that time contained what was known as the Reserve Clause which stated that theteam 'reserved' the rights to the player's servicesonce the contract length had expired, hence, no free agency. The only way one could play for a new team was to be traded or be given an unconditional release.The first union was formed in 1885, in partdue to theReserve Clause,and five years later formed itsown league called the Players League. This made three major leagues: the National League, American Association, and Players League. All three lost big money. The Players League folded after one season, the American Association folded the following season, and in 1892 the National League became the sole Major League. They immediately implemented a strict contract salary cap of $2,400.

How many players on a lacross team?

there are 12 players on the field at a time. there are four attackers, three midfielders, four defenders, and one goalie.

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The three players to win the champion league are Ronald Koem an Barcelona, Paulo Maldini, Milan, and Ryan Giggs. with Manchester United.

How many players in a lacrosse team?

Men's field lacrosse is played with ten players on each team: a goalkeeper; three defenders in the defensive end; three midfielders (often called "middies") free to roam the whole field; and three attackers attempting to score goals in the offensive end.

How many players on the lacrosse field?

There are 10 players on one team on the field at once. Including both teams there are 20. on one team, the positions are 1 goalie, 3 attack men( forwards), Three mid fielders (middies), and three defenders.