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== == The one that you will study and train in. The number of arts that exist are so varied and different, that to claim one is better then the rest shows a lack of understanding of any of them. There is an art out there that is the best for you as an individual. Finding your art is part of the Martial Arts journey. Once you have studied for a long time, you will realize how similar they really are to each other, and understand the weaknesses and strengths of the art you chose.

Size is not that important, any of them can be adapted. My personal recommendation would be karate of the Okinawan or Japanese styles. The natives are on the shorter side and the instructors can relate to a smaller person. A good instructor will also provide the understanding that techniques have to be adapted to the individual, their size, ability and knowledge.

Good luck!

Contrary to what is written above there are martial arts that suit smaller men more than other martial arts.. you would look for a martial art that is more of an internal art then it is an external art meaning that it doesn't emphasis on muscle strength and size. search for the internal martial arts and you will find many.

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What is a good martial art for women beginners?

{| |- | The one that they will study. Most martial arts are not gender specific. Men and Women can learn them effectively. The best way to find one you like is to try them. Most places will let you take a practice class. |}

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The easiest Martial Art to learn is the one that you like, and enjoy practicing so it is entirely up to you. It also helps to have a knowledgeable, qualified instructor who will know how you learn best as an individual (every brain works differently), and one who will teach the art thoroughly, accurately, and make it fun and exciting for you. ________________________________________________________________ Some opinions include the following: - Muay Thai Kickboxing - From the first day you start training you get to hit the bags and do pad work with a trainer. You can start sparring right away if you want, or put it off for months. Other Martial Arts make you practice the "art" which they call "forms" before you ever get to do the practical parts. - Tai-Chi simply because anyone of any age can do it. - Krav Maga was developed in Israel in mid 1940's to be learned quickly by both men and women and retained for use in battle.

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