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Which nfl team sold the most items last year?

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Type your answer here... The Dallas Cowboys.

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The San Francisco 49ers is the NFL team that has sold the most merchandise. The Baltimore Ravens are number 2.

the Boston red sox sold the most so far............

The Dallas Cowboys have sold the most merchandise since 2001, and sold more merchandise than any other NFL team in the 90's.

Most likely the new York Yankees baseball team logo due to it being on many items and the popularity of the team.

In 2011 the patriots were the only team to sell out all games -- home and away.

The Colorado Rockies Apparel store sell a variety of clothing and other items emblazoned with the logo of the Colorado Rockies MLB team. Items include hats, shirts, sweaters, and jerseys.

As of 27/04/2012 there are 540 items in team Fortress 2.

Christiano Ronaldo was one of the most famous players in the Manchester team. before he was sold to the Real Madrid team for 80 million pounds ,a world record for most spent on a single player.

The Boston Red Sox have sold out the most consecutive games in MLB history while the Portland Trailblazers have sold out the most consecutive home games in the NBA (and in North America for any sport).

Barcelona they are the best team in the world everyone likes them....and they are very fair and not dirty at all!

no,you cannot,in the summer circut,you pay for some teams,whatever team you last play for you will most likely be on

Olympiakos Greece the last 13 years has been awarded the most penalties than any other team

The most recent team to enter the NBA was the Charlotte Bobcats in 2004. The last team before them were the Vancouver Grizzlies relocating to Memphis in 2001.

Peter and Edward Bronfman sold the team after having owned it for seven years.

The value could easily be a couple thousand dollars if sold to a Bears fan. These type of items are often auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Last team to do it was the 2004 Chicago Cubs: Lee, Ramirez, Alou, Sosa.

Broncos get the most crowd on average each week so Broncos. Dragons in my state of mind, dragons have the most membership on fans, most merchindise sold are dragons jerserys

The Philadelphia Phillies with the 10,000 mark last season.

First team...raiders? Last team...texans

There are only 3 cricket bats in the world for 1985 ashes signed by both England team and Australia Team. Last one sold in 1986 in a Charity auction for £1000. I have one of them, prestine condition.

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