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Alan Shearer has scored the most hat tricks in the premier league, not only this but he also scored the most goals in the premier league as well!

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Rual has scored the most goals but im not sure if it was the most hattricks.

Ryan Giggs is the only player to have scored in every premier league season

Who has scored Premier league and champions league hatricks?

I believe that s of today (27/01/2013), he has scored 16 hattricks.

goalkeepers to score in the premier league

The 5000th Premier League goal was scored by Chris Sutton.

andy cole and alan shearer have the most goals scored in a premier league season, the total being 34 each.

Which Premier League Defender Scored A Hattrick Last?

Wayne Rooney has scored 171 goals in the premier league.

By the start of the 08-09 season, Giggsy had scored 96 goals in the Premier League, having scored 5 before the premier league's inception in 92-93. He has now scored 100 premier league goals!

Alan shearer with 206 premier league goals

Djibril Cisse scored on his debut for Liverpool (v Tottenham), Sunderland (also v Tottenham) and QPR (v Aston Villa) in the Premier League.

Thierry Henry has scored 174 goals in the Premier League, the third highest of all time.

Its Rayan Giggs who has played & scored in all seasons of premier league

17407 according to the FA Premier League website

Cristiano ronaldo scored 9 goals against Charlton athletic

The goal was actually goal number 1000 , and it was scored by Les Ferdinand.

There were 1002 goals scored in the 2007-08 Premier League season, 942 goals scored in the 2008-09 Premier League season, and 1053 goals scored in the 2009-10 Premier League season - a total of 2997 goals in those three seasons.

200th goal is yet to be scored

The goal has yet to be scored.

The Barclays Premier League's All-Time top scorer is Alan Shearer, with 260 goals.

From his debut Premier League goal in the 1996-97 season, to his exit from the league at the end of the 2011-12 season, Emile Heskey scored in 17 different English Premier League seasons.