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Which soccer players wear number 10?

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Argetina-Messi , Barcelona-Messi

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Messi is the only one you have to know about he is the best one to wear #10

Some famous players are Maradona, Gulitt, enzo Scifo, Gary linekar, rivaldo, Pele , rai, , Ronoldhino., Valderrama.

Wesley Sneijder, Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney, Kaka, Landon Donovan, and Diego Forlan

Lionel Messi used to wear the number 19 jersey, until he switched to the more popular number "10".

Messi and Wayne Rooney have number 10

There are many players they are Pele, Rai, Rivaldo, Ronoldhino and Kaka.

Sparky Anderson / Reds Manager Phil Rizutto / Yankees Manager Ron Santo /Cubs Rusty Staub / Expos Pele /Soccer

for u10, players play 6v6, which means 6 players play on the field for a team at a time. the best number for players on a team would be about 10

Do you mean soccer? 11 in one team (10 on field and a goalkeeper)

u11 soccer players r usually 10 or 11

messi maradona Pele kaka Rooney

If you meant playmaker it's mostly number 10.

Brenden Morrow, Guy Lafleur, and Patrick Sharp. All good players :)

There are 11 soccer players insinde the fiels; which 1 is a goalkeeper and 10 are playing inside.

2 yrs on the bench/average 10-22 years as a starter if they are good enough

usually its always been the best, Pele wore it, Maradona wore it, Jorge "Majico" Gonazalez wore it for a while, and other players did too, now its usually you see Messi and Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho, excluding other players that arent so famous

Larry Bowa, Steve Jeltz and many others

The main reason is that there are 11 players on the field, so it would be logical that one player would have "10" on their shirt. However, I think your question refers to the attacking midfield role commonly associated with players that wear the number 10 (although not always i.e. William Gallas; the central defender from Arsenal F.C.) This role is the creative fulcrum of a team. It is often filled by a player who has unbelievable vision and passing ability to set up goals or score them. Excellent examples of players in this position are Kaka and Yossi Benayoun (even if they do not wear the number 10).

Eleven. 10 field players and one goalie.

soccer players last for around 10-15 years depending on when they started there professional career.

There have been 246 players who have worn the number 10 in the NBA and ABA. Some famous retired players are Tiny Archibald, BJ Armstrong, and Maurice Cheeks. Some current players who wear the number 10 are Leandro Barbosa, Mike Bibby, and Demar DeRozan.

Pele for Brazil. Zidane for France. I think those two are the biggest

Michael Owen, Pele, Lineker, maradona, , Platini, Scifo, Gulltt.Ronoldhino, Rivaldo. Rai.

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