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Probably a place with lots of Cap space since no team besides Oklahoma someone worth any interest, and Miami is set they don't need to trade. so i think the bobcats or timber wolves at best.

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What team originally drafted Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant was a first round draft choice of the Charlotte Hornets in 1996. Shortly after the draft the Lakers traded their starting center, Vlade Divac, to the Hornets for Bryant.

What NBA team does Kobe Bryant play on?

Kobe Bryant plays on the Los Angeles Lakers

What team did Kobe Bryant win his first championship ring?

he won the championship with lakers, he was never traded so therefore it was the lakers

Will Kobe Stay with the LA Lakers or change his team?

Kobe Bryant will most likely retire as a Laker. He has a clause in his contract that prevents him from being traded. However, anything can happen.

What was Kobe Bryant first team?

The team he's playing on right now: LA lakers HE HAS BEEN PLAYING FOR 13 YEARS

How can LeBron James be better than Kobe Bryant?

Lebron James is better than kobe bryant because Lebron is a a better team player Kobe Bryant is a ball hogger and he sucks

What team is Kobe Bryant on?

The Los Angeles Lakers.

In which team is Kobe Bryant?

The Los Angeles Lakers

Who was the olympic basketball team mvp?

kobe bryant

Who is the top shooting team in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant

How did Kobe Bryant make the US team?

He was the best

What NBA team originally drafted Kobe Bryant?

The Las Angeles Lakes drafted Kobe.

What is the first team of Kobe Bryant?

Kobe was drafted #13 overall in 1996 by the Charlotte Hornets

What team does Kobe Bryant play for?

Los Angeles Lakers

What team did Kobe Bryant own in Italy?

Olympia Milan

What team did Kobe Bryant play for?

Los Angeles Lakers

What was the first team kobe bryant played on?

the Charlotte hornets

If Kobe Bryant team had a masscot what would it be?

A black momba

What team is Kobe Bryant currently on?

the Los Angeles Lakers

Is cobe Bryant on the lakers?

it's Kobe bryant. yes, he is on the lakers, the best team ever

What NBA player has the longest tenure with one team?

Kobe Bryant

What team drafted Kobe Bryant?

CHARLOTTE (not New Orleans) Hornets

Why Might Kobe Bryant switch basketball team?

he wont switch

What team is Kobe Bryant going to be in 2013?

los angles lakers

Is Kobe Bryant the team captain of the Los Angeles Lakers?

Yes, he is.