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Who are all the famous basketball players?

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February 27, 2008 4:30PM

Michael Jordan-won 6 national titles with the bulls, won 3

dunk contests, Cinderella story basketball career: cut from high

school team and went on to play only a freshman year at the

University of North Carolina, then was drafted into the NBA and

finally retired in 2003. Julius Erving-played for New York and then

the 76ers. Incredible dunker revolutionized the game of basketball

as we know it. Larry Bird-played for the Boston Celtics, brilliant

offensive power house, he could knock down a jumper, or drain a

three pointer. Erving (Magic) Johnson-played for the LA Lakers in a

short career, revolutionized the game's positions, he showed that a

6'8 player could still shine in the point guard position. Tracy

McGrady who I think is the funniest player in the NBA to watch

today, explosive dunker and great shooter, to be


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