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Who are the main characters in the nutcracker?



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The main characters in The Nutcracker are; Clara, Nutcracker, MouseKing, Sugar Plum Fairy, Dr Drossemier.

Please note - you need to be sure whether you are looking for the characters in 'The Nutcracker', which is the traditional version - the above names are all correct (though I think Drosselmeyer is sometimes known as Herr Drosselmeyer). But there is also a version by Matthew Bourne, known as 'Nutcracker!' This version has characters with slightly different names, & their names also change from act 1 to act 2 for some of the characters - they include ~

Clara - Clara

Nutcracker boy - Nutcracker

Sugar - Princess Sugar

Fritz - Prince Bon-Bon

Dr Dross - King Sherbet

Matron - Queen Candy.