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Who are the original football bowls?

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the sugar bowl, cotton bowl,orange bowl, rose bowl.

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How many football Super Bowls had been held in 1981

How many NCAA football bowls has University of Florida played in?

Tcu foot ball has won 8 bowls!

The Orange Bowl in Miami hosted Super Bowls II and III and is the only venue to have hosted consecutive Super Bowls.

The NFC (National Football Conference) has won the most Super Bowls with 23 in total.

As of the 2008 season, no team has won 3 consecutive Super Bowls.

BCS means Bowl Championship series. The BCS bowls are more prodigeous than regular bowls, And the grand daddy of all the bowls is the BCS championship.

It changes from year to year but in 2008 there were 34.

He sometimes bowls with his friends!

3 ... Raiders, Broncos, and Patriots. The Dolphins have also won the Super Bowl but are not an original AFL team having joined the League as an expansion team in 1966.

Some major NCAA Football bowls are the Rose bowl, Sugar bowl, Fiesta bowl, Orange bowl, and the BCS National Champion game which was first held in 2006.

As of the start of the 2008 season, the Cowboys, Steelers, and 49ers have each won 5 Super Bowls.

The Pittsburgh Steelers won the most Super Bowls with 6 total wins.

no team has won 6 super bowls yet, but wait 2 weeks and you will have one

As of 2009, the Dallas Cowboys have been to the most Super Bowls with a total of eight(8) appearances.

The Buffalo Bills appeared in 4 consecutive Super Bowls between 1991 and 1994, but did not win any.

College football teams all over the country compete in various Holiday Bowls. Holiday Bowls include the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl, the Sugar Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl.

the Steelers nd the best football team in the whole world

The NY Giants have won four Super Bowls through the 2012 football season. This professional football team is based in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Their home games are played at MetLife Stadium.

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