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Who are the top 3 home-run hitting catchers in baseball history?

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1. Piazza 2. Bench 3. Fisk? Piazza, Fisk, Bench

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What is the mood in Casey at the bat?

Hitting a homerun

With what is the term 'hitting the circuit' is the term associated?

Baseball, when you hit every possible hit (single,double,homerun,etc)

How are baseball catchers rated?

The same as any other position player, by their ability. The standards are hitting for average, hitting for power, and defensive fielding and throwing. In addition, catchers are rated on their ability to call the right pitches, to know their pitching staffs, and to get inside batters' heads.

Where can one purchase a child's catchers' mitt?

One can purchase a child's catchers' mitt from: Everything Baseball, Segway Collection, Anna Bean, Amazon, Homerun Monkey, Dick Sporting Goods, eBay, Angel Fire, to name a few. Prices start from $34.99.

What is a word that has 7 letters and that has to do with baseball?


How do you get a homerun in build a bear ville?

all you have to do is go to sportsplex and play bear-to-bear baseball angainst someone and try to hit a homerun!

How do you unlock Ryan howard in backyard baseball?

hit 50 homerun

What was babe ruths importance to baseball popularity of the sport baseball?

He was the all time homerun hitter!

How do you unlock Super Players in Baseball Superstars 2010 for iPhone?

Get GPoints by doing missions or Homerun Race after you've made a Batter. In Homerun Race, get a Homerun and hit the GAMEVIL sign for a free 500 GPoints when you complete the round for Homerun Race. If you hit the sign then exit during the game, your GPoints will not be saved.

What are extra bases in baseball?

When the batter hits the ball and lands safely on a base other than first base. EXAMPLE: Double, triple, Homerun, Inside the park Homerun.

What is an Out of the Park in baseball?

It's a homerun... unless the bases are loaded, then it's a grand slam.

How do you determine a baseball hitting line up?

You usually have your strongest hitters 4th and second strongest 5th. The worst ones are usually at the bottom of the line up. Usually your slap hitters are before the 4th batter. Homerun hitters are 4th and 5th.

Who was the first Latino baseball player to have two 60-homerun seasons?

Sammy Sosa

How much is a 1925 baseball bat worth?

Not much unless a milestone/homerun was hit with it by a MLB player.

Where is the fifth gem on jungle quest Build-a-Bearville?

You have to get a homerun in bear 2 bear baseball

What is a walkoff hit in baseball?

A walk-off hit is any hit that drives in the winning run of the game. The more common variation of this would be a "walk-off homerun," or a homerun that ends the game as a win for the batting team.

What is the religion of Albert Pujols?

christian every time he makes a homerun in a baseball game he lifts his hands to god

Who hit the longest homerun in MLB history?

On April 17, 1953, Mickey Mantle is said to have hit the longest HR in baseball history. According to estimates he hit a 656 foot home run at Washington's Griffith Stadium off Senator's pitcher Chuck Stobbs.

What actors and actresses appeared in Homerun - 2005?

The cast of Homerun - 2005 includes: Jeff Fischer

Where is the 5th gem on jungle quest Build-a-Bearville?

Get a home run in buildabear baseball! now shout HOMERUN!!!!!!

How many Major League Baseball players have hit a home run?

Every Single MLB Player Has Hit A Homerun.

When can play review be used in the MLB?

Instant Replay is only possible on Homerun balls whether they go over the fence or whether Homerun balls are fair or foul and Homerun balls that could be fan interference.

When was Homerun - The Kelly Family album - created?

Homerun - The Kelly Family album - was created on 2004-06-07.

What are some describing words about baseball?

Bases,balls,homerun,out of the park,single hitter,run,grand slam,etc.just to name a few.

Who hit the first homerun?

babe Ruth