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black because 25% live in poverty hispanic and white are almost the same, little more for hispanic than whites

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Q: Who commits more crime against whites whites or black?
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Who can bring charges against the president if he commits a crime?


How do you spell commits?

Commits- like: she commits a crime.

What is heresy?

Heresy is a crime against the Christian church. Someone who commits a heresy is a heretic.

What is different criminal and crime?

A criminal is one who commits a crime, and a crime is an action that is against the law. E.g: Killing someone is a crime, A person who kills another is a Criminal.

How would you describe an internal crime?

Internal crime occurs when an employee steals from or commits some other offense against the business.

Who commits crime?


Which race commits the most crime?

Both the poor and the rich are members of the human race, which is the race which commits the most crime.

Can a person who commits a crime choose to have a lawyer if he wants to or not?

Yes, a person that commits a crime has a choice to choose a lawyer or represent themselves.

What happens if a foreigner commits a crime in the US?

If a foreigner commits a felony crime in the United States they will go to court and be sentenced if found guilty. The person will have to do the time for the crime.

Why does state prosecute criminals through its officials rather than the victims themselves?

Because the law is not supposed to be vengeful. If an individual commits a crime that is against a law by which we ALL are supposed to live, they have therefore committed a crime against ALL the citizens, and the state government represents ALL the citizens. (i.e.: A crime against one person, is a crime against us all.)

A person who commits a crime is called?

A perpetrator

What is a secret society that commits crime?


What is the person called that commits a crime?

A criminal?

What is a recidivist?

a person who commits a crime....again, after being imprisoned for a crime the first time

Does invader zim do crime?

Yes just about every episode Zim commits a crime.

How do you call those people who commit a crime?

A person who commits a crime is known as a criminal.

What is the term for the person who actually commits the crime is?


How do you impeach the Ohio governor?

hope he commits a crime.

Who commits knife crime?

Knife wielding criminals.

Can someone that is on parole and commits a crime be eligible for bail?

yes, but it depends on what the crime was and what your parole terms were and where you committed the crime

What constitutes a charge of treason in the US?

A person commits the crime of treason if he wages war against his country or sides with its enemies, and gives them aid and comfort.

Is a crime always the fault of the person who commits the crime?

If it wasn't their fault, it probably wouldn't be a crime. One of the key components of a crime is intent.

A person who breaks the law commits what kind of act?

A crime

If an illegal alien commits a felony crime will he be deported?


What is another word for a person who commits a violent crime?

A felon.