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Who did Alabama play in the 1925 National Championship?


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Nobody. Dartmouth won the National Championship that year. Alabama

claimed a share of it years later, using a retroactive system.


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Alabama plays Clemson in the national championship on Monday, January 9, at 8 pm EST

Alabama defeated Arkansas 24 to 9 on January 1,1980

back then, it wasn't a "Championship Game," but #1 Alabama defeated #9 Arkansas by the score of 10-3 in the Sugar Bowl to claim the National Championship.

Alabama played notre dame in 1957 in the national championship match which alabama won 42 to 26

Though they didn't have a National Championship game back in 1961 the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Arkansas Razorbacks 10-3 in the Sugar Bowl and went on to be voted National Champions.

Alabama and Texas are 1 & 2. They play tonight for the national championship.

No, the Alabama Crimson Tide won and went on to play Tennesse.

Arkansas ? More famous was the 1979 Sugar Bowl game with Penn State.

Ohio state didn't play in the national championship! Oklahoma and Florida did

Cliff not shown or listed as a player on University of Alabama 1964 National Championship Football Team. Source: 1965 Corolla yearbook.

they played the Florida gators in the orange bowl for the national championship

there wasn't any championship games that year

He played offensive guard for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide from 1976 through 1979 and was a member of the 1978 and 1979 national championship teams.

LSU didn't play in the national championship they played Climson in the Suger Bowl, but do to LSU being number 1 they were awarded the title with Iowa

The National League Championship Series is the Game against the winner of the two final playoff teams of the national league. Usually the Wild Card team plays the East and the Central Divivsion team plays the West. The winner of each of those games will play in the National League Championship Series. The winner of the National League Championship Series goes on to play in the World Series!

The two teams were undefeated when they met in the Sugar Bowl on December 31, 1973. The game, a classic struggle between two great coaches and two great teams, was won by Notre Dame by the score of 24-23. The Associated Press named Notre Dame national champions but the United Press International, who voted for the national championship prior to the playing of bowl games, named Alabama as national champions.

The University Of Southern California

There was no true national championship game before the BCS era. However, in 1942 Georgia beat UCLA in the Rose Bowl to earn a share of the National Championship, along with Wisconsin and Ohio State.

BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series. It determines what two teams would play in the National Championship Game. The championship game winner would become the college football national champion.

No, they ended at #2 in the final BCS standings and were not national champions since they did not play in the BCS Championship game. They did win the Mountain West championship trophy, but no ring

The Sooners have won the National Championship seven times. The years were: 1950, 1955, 1956, 1974, 1975, 1985, and 2000.

Ohio State was under NCAA sanction for multiple rule violations; the sanctions were handed down in 2011, to be effective during the 2012 season. In addition to scholarship limits, Ohio State was not allowed to play in either the Big Ten Championship Game or any bowl game-including the BCS National Championahip Game. Ohio State was eligible to win the national championship awarded by the Associated Press, but it was Alabama that was voted the No. 1 team in the final AP Poll.

Enjoy the beautiful wildlife by fishing and hiking, have fun at mardi gras in mobile, experience all the fun of a big city in birmingham, watch the 2009 national championship football team play in tuscaloosa

In 2001 the Nebraska football team did not even make the Big Twelve championship game after losing to Colorado 62-36 in the final contest of the regular season and still went on to play in the national championship. Nebraska lost 37-14 against Miami in the national championship.

Jeffrey Torrence graduated from Escambia County High School in Atmore, AL in 1991. He did play football for the University of Alabama and was a member of the '92 National Championship Team. He was a back up linebacker and played on special teams. The last I heard he was on the coaching staff at Hoover High School in Birmingham.

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