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Who did Florida play in 1996 for the BCS championship?


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The BCS was only introduced in 1998.

In 1996 Florida won the national championship after beating FSU in the Sugar Bowl.


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because they rock Florida sucks

Florida beat Oklahoma 24-14

to be ranked no. 1 or 2 in the BCS standings at the end of the season.

Nielsen estimates that 21.6 million viewers watched the BCS championship game between Ohio State and LSU. Last year's BCS Championship game between Florida and Ohio State was viewed by 28.6 million.

2 BCS national championships. 2006 and 2008. Not 1996 because the BCS had not been started

The BCS Championship airs on ESPN.

Alabama. They beat Florida, so they are likely to beat Texas.

BCS Championship - 2012 BCS Championship Game 1-5 was released on: USA: January 2012

Florida.But if Florida beats Ohio State in the BCS championship game, then they would be the first.

BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series. It determines what two teams would play in the National Championship Game. The championship game winner would become the college football national champion.

Theoretically, yes. If two SEC teams finish 13-0 and 12-1 (such as Alabama and Florida in 2009) they can both be invited to the championship game. However, Florida was passed in the standings by Texas in 2009.

Florida defeated Oklahoma in the 2009 BCS championship in Miami but it was for the 2008 season. Alabama won the national championship in 2009.

If you're meaning the current BCS system (post 1997) it's a tie between Florida and LSU, both at 2 wins.Florida and LSU have both won 2 BCS National Championship Games

They have to make it to the BCS championship game first. They have a game with Arizona on 11/26 and a game with rival Oregon State on 12/3. If they win both of those games, they will get to play against Auburn or Boise State or TCU in the BCS Championship game.

2008 Florida - 24 vs Oklahoma - 14

Not in his senior year - they were blown out by Florida in the BCS Championship Game

The BCS came into picture in the 1998 season. The first BCS championship game was held in January of 1999 between Tennessee and Florida State. Tennessee won 23-16 to become the first BCS National Champions.

No, they ended at #2 in the final BCS standings and were not national champions since they did not play in the BCS Championship game. They did win the Mountain West championship trophy, but no ring

In 2009, the two teams played in the BCS National Championship Game. Florida won 24-14.

BCS stands for Bowl Championship Series.

LSU won the first BCS National Championship.

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