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Who did the Miami Dolphins play in their undefeated season?


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According to the Miami Dolphins website here is the list:

Dolphins 20 Chiefs 10

Dolphins 34 Oilers 13

Dolphins 16 Vikings 14

Dolphins 27 Jets 17

Dolphins 24 Chargers 10

Dolphins 24 Bills 23

Dolphins 23 Colts 0

Dolphins 30 Bills 16

Dolphins 52 Patriots 0

Dolphins 28 Jets 24

Dolphins 31 Cards 10

Dolphins 37 Patriots 21

Dolphins 23 Giants 13

Dolphins 16 Colts 0

AFC Divisional Playoff Dolphins 20 Browns 14

AFC Championship Game Dolphins 21 Steelers 17

Superbowl VII Dolphins 14 Redskins 7

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The Dolphins defeated the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl VII to complete their undefeated season.

The Miami Dolphins play their home games in Florida.

The 1972 Miami Dolphins went 14-0 (then there were only 14 regular season games). They then won two play off games and Superbowl VII with a final record of 17-0. The 2007 Patriots went undefeated in regular season but lost Superbowl 42 with a final record of 18-1.

1996, was cut after the last pre-season game.

The Dallas Cowboys play in Texas and the Miami Dolphins play in Florida.

The American football team the Miami Dolphins play their home games in Miami, Florida.

Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Florida.

On Sunday, November 22, 2015, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Miami Dolphins, 24 to 14, at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The teams likely won't play again in the regular season until 2019.

They have played 672 regular season games and 40 playoff games.

Wes Welker played receiver for the Miami Dolphins.

He played for the Miami Dolphins only, spending his entire 17-season career there.

Miami Dolphins. The Redskins won in OT, 16-13.

The Sugar Bowl is a college game and the Miami Dolphins are an NFL team.

No. Marino was drafted by the Dolphins in 1983, the season after they played in Super Bowl XVII. David Woodley was the QB for the Dolphins in SB XVII.

Washington beat the Miami Dolphins, 16-13 in overtime, in the first regular season game of 2007.

Dallas is in Texas, and Miami is in Florida.

No, he did not. Troy said he wanted to at least play in the last game against the Dolphins. But the team decided that he would risk further damage to his knee.

No, he never played for the Miami Dolphins although he states he did. He was never on the practice squad either. Check out Miami Dolphin rosters to verify.

They play their home games in Miami gardens Florida at the Sun Life Stadium.

No, women do not play fooball in the NFL, but they can be cheerleaders.

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