The Undertaker

Who found undertaker barried alive?


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i think

the big red monster


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They never did because his brother Kane will kill both of them. Undertaker shows off so make you to believe its real thing?

No undertaker was alive Yes undertaker was alive

yes the undertaker is alive

The Undertaker is still alive.

No, he did not. The Undertaker is alive and well.

yes,undertaker was killed by orton and kane -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No The Undertaker is still alive.

undertaker is alive wwe made it up because they didnt hve enghth powers

No that is just a character. The Undertaker is alive and well

There is no such word as 'barried'.

its not barried its buried and he's "barried" somewhere you don't know about

yes undertaker is alive.

No he did not die. The Undertaker is alive and well.

Zheng He was barried in the south china sea

No, he is very much alive.

yes, undertaker is still alive to this day and is wrestling on the wwe smackdown brand but is currently inactive due to injury

yes the undertaker is still alive from being burned

The Undertaker is still alive, both in WWE-terms and in real life.

Undertaker is still alive dont worry...D.Yaqubi

Undertaker is still alive, sometime he will beat the heck out of SES.

No hes coming back this february on the 21st. If he was i would have stopped watching wrestling Undertaker 4 ever!

After the match Undertaker won ,but the Nexus came and pushed him in the grave . They buried him

no, the nexus interfered and brutally attacked the undertaker, and Kane buried him alive:(

the undertaker will be back at the royal rumble and so will triple h

he was buried alive during a pay per view but it was not real

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