Who had the biggest feet?

Until his death in 2005 at the age of 32 Matthew McGrory the 7'6" actor took a size 29½ shoe thus holding the world recordtill he died. His shoe size wasn't as a result of any condition like elephantitis.
The tallest man in the world, Sultan Kosen 8'3" tall, that's 2m 51cm is believed to have the largest feet, but their size hasn't been verified or measured!.
There are 3 known men with shoe sizes over size 20, they are:

Brahim Takioullah size 23 7'9" (Morocco)*
Shaun Aisbitt size 22½ 7'4" (Ireland)
Carl Griffin Size 21 6'5" (England)

*Brahim Takioullah's height and other dimensions have not been medically verified, so some newspapers or television programs will claim him to be anything from 7'9" all the way up to 8'3", Books like the Guinness Book of Records insist on people with tall claims being medically verified by an endocronologist, by being measured 3 times in one day between 4 hour periods.