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Who has more players in the Hall of Fame Giants or Yankees?


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The Yankees have more players going to the Hall of Fame.

babe Ruth he was on the Yankees

Sixty-six representatives of the Giants (55 players and 11 managers) have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, more than any other team in the history of baseball. The Dodgers franchise is second (45 players, 9 managers) and the New York Yankees are third (41 players, 11 managers).

The New York/San Francisco Giants.

1958 Colts vs. Giants, 12 players and 2 coaches.

Hall of Fame Players Association was created in 1999.

Not for being in the Hall of Fame.

With the selection of pitcher Randy Johnson to the Baseball Hall of Fame on January 6, 2015, 55 representatives of the Giants (players and managers) have made their way to Cooperstown. The Giants have had more representatives in the Hall of Fame than any other baseball team. Johnson finished his career with San Francisco in 2009.

The Baseball Hall of Fame has inducted 66 representatives of the New York/San Francisco Giants (55 players and 11 managers) into Cooperstown, more than any other team in the history of baseball. The Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers are second with 45 players, 9 managers, and the Yankees are third with 41 players, 11 managers.

There are a total of 26 players in the Hall Of Fame that played for the Packers.

As of now, 19 players, 10 pitchers and one manager (John McGraw) are in the Hall of Fame as Giants, both in New York and San Francisco. In addition another 23 players are in the H of F that spent some of their playing careers with the Giants. Go to the Giants web-site for a complete listing.

215 former major league players are available in the baseball hall of fame.

21 players in the Baseball Hall of Fame wearing Yankee logos on their caps, including Reggie Jackson, who could have selected a different logo. About thirty other people are in the Hall of Fame who played at least part of their career with that organization.

I think the dallas cowboys had the most hall of fame players

The New York Giants had 18 players in the Hall of Fame. In 1958, the team moved to San Francisco- where it still is- and has added 5 more players since then. This makes for a grand total of 23, giving them the record for most players by one team.The New York Yankees (including when they had other names like the New York Highlanders) have a total of 22, the most for any American League team. Considering how many World Series they have won, you would naturally assume they probably have the record for Hall of Fame players but they do not.The Giants also own the record, by a lot, for most players who've ever played for them and eventually wound up in the Hall- even if it was as a player for another team, with a massive 55.

No, they do not get paid for being in the Hall of Fame. Being in the Hall of Fame is an honor, not a job or reward. The players get paid millions while they were playing; it is not necessary for them to earn more as an NBA Hall of Fame inductee.

As of February 4, 2011, the Chicago Bears have produced 26 Hall of Fame players.

No one from the team has made it to the hall of fame.

11 players that spent time with the San Francisco Giants are in the Hall of Fame: Steve Carlton Gary Carter Orlando Cepeda Rich Gossage Juan Marichal Willie Mays Willie McCovey Joe Morgan Gaylord Perry Duke Snider Warren Spahn 42 players that played for the franchise while they were in New York, and before they moved to San Francisco, are in the Hall of Fame.

No, no way, the Yankees have twenty-seven World Series wins and players like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are making it to the Hall of Fame.

The Chicago Bears have produced 26 representatives to the Hall of Fame.

i dont think so...duke has never really put out any good quality nba players no duke player has been succcesful in my opininonThere is no Pro Basketball or NBA Hall of Fame. The Basketball Hall of Fame is littered with players you have never heard of who never played in the NBA. Women players, foreign players, college players, all end up in the same hall of fame.

2 Puerto Rican players are in the hall of fame...Orlando Cepeda and of course the GREAT Roberto Clemente.

There are 231 players, 8 umpires, 19 managers, and 31 pioneers and executives that have been elected to the Hall of Fame

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