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Who has played for the Yankees for 15 seasons or more?

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February 06, 2010 7:12AM

MLB players who have played for the New York Yankees for 15 years or more.

Mickey Mantle

Lou Gehrig

Yogi Berra

Babe Ruth

Bernie Williams

Roy White

Bill Dickey

Frank Crosetti

Whitey Ford

Red Ruffing

Any more, let us know.

Some players lost time due to WW2, like Phil Rizzuto. He only has 13 years playing as a Yankee, but missed 3 years due to the war. DiMaggio too? He logged 13 years of playing time and was in WW2.

Derek Jeter

Jorge Posada

Mariano Rivera

Ron Guidry had 14 years with the Bombers. As did Don Mattingly.