Who has the longest hitting streak in New York Mets history?

Moises Alou has the Mets longest hitting streak, 30 games, from August 31 through September 27 in 2007. Alou was 41 years old during his streak, and it is the longest hitting streak of anybody over 40. The streak was somewhat overshadowed by the Mets historic collapse. The previous Mets record was set the same year by David Wright. Most Met fans were happy to have that streak broken, as the streak was something of a black-eye: it occured at a time when Wright's other numbers were down, it spanned 2 seasons, and it jumped over the postseason in which Wright did have hitless games and generally failed to help the team. (Though Wright recovered and was arguably the NL's best player from mid-May through the end of the season). spanned 2 seasons, and ignored Wright's hitless games during his poor 2006 postseason.