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Harry Ratnam of Fresno scored 29 points in the 3rs quarter of a Basketball game!


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Your receive AR points at your schools. You get them at the beginning of each quarter of a school year. You read books throughout the quarter that are worth points. You try to read books that are worth the amount of points that are given to you by your teacher. You have to reach the points by the end of the quarter. Ar - Accelerated Reader Starting from the 1st quarter you will get points... each quarter when you reach your goal you get a higher goal the next quarter.

In basketball, the overtime length is usually equal to half the time of a standard quarter. In high school varsity basketball this is four minutes.

There are four quarters in middle school basketball. A "quarter", by definition is one fourth of the whole. So, there are four quarters in the game.

Middle School basketball games are usually around 8 min. a quarter. So it would probably be 32 minutes a game.

There is no quarters, there are 2 twenty minute halves.

Most high school basketball leagues use eight minute quarters. Equalling a 32 minute game.8 mins a quarter.10 mins in senoir boys for NE Calgary

I played basketball in high school in Michigan and we had a 3 minute period in between each quarter of the game.

Wilt scored 100 points ... but was not this in professional league rather than high school??

A quarter means "1/4." That means that there are always four quarters.

I know of a game where there were 224 points scored. score was 100 to 124

No more than 50...........but it really depends on the team

in each quarter 8 minutes that equals to 32 minutes total

I played basketball in the 8th grade at my school and we played 9 minutes for each quarter. So basically in a full game we played for 36 minutes total. :) hope this was helpful

In the NBA, Chris Paul's career high for scoring is 43 points, which he achieved twice. He also scored 61 points in a high school basketball game.

Troy University in a 258 − 141 win over Devry in 1992.

Jesse Berry from Lafayette Jefferson High school playing against Rossville High School his Junior year in High school.

A quarter is a fourth of the school year. If the school year is 36 weeks, then a quarter is nine weeks.

8 minutes per quarter x 4 quarters = 32 minutes of total game time.

it dapends on the league the team plays for most leagues its 8 minutes a quarter32 minutes.

Darnell Robinson of Emery High School in Emeryville, CA, who scored 3,359 points from 1990-93.

You can't play and try and get your grades up to play next quarter, basketball season lies between two grading periods so there is always a chance to get your grades up.

In Georgia, a player can play five quarters in a day (overtime counts as part of the fourth quarter).

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