Who has worn number 5 for the New York Yankees?

The first baseball team to use numbers on uniforms was the 1916 Cleveland Indians when they wore small numbers on the sleeves of their uniforms, as a way of identifying the players. This practice was short lived.

in 1929 the New York Yankees decided to wear numbers to the backs of their jerseys. The numbers corresponded to each player's general position in the lineup.for example Babe Ruth wore No. 3, since he usually batted third, and Lou Gehrig wore No. 4 as he batted fourth.

Here is a list of Yankee players that wore uniform number 5. * Bob Meusel (1929) * Tony Lazzeri (1930-1931) * Frank Crosetti (1932-1934, part of 1935, 1936) * Nolen Richardson (part of 1935) * Joe DiMaggio (1937-1942, 1946-1951; retired 1952) * Nick Etten (1943-1945)