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The Dodgers moved to Dodgers Stadium in 1962. The first home run hit by a Dodger there was by Jim Gilliam off Moe Drabowsky of the Cincinnati Reds in the third inning of the game played April 11, 1962. The Dodgers won the game 6-2. It was the second game ever played at Dodger Stadium. The first home run ever hit at Dodgers Stadium was by Wally Post of the Reds the day before, April 10, 1962.

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What dodger hit the first home run in dodger stadium?

Benny the Jet

Does the Los Angeles dodgers play their home game near an ocean?

The LA Dodgers play their home games at Dodgers stadium which is actually near the beach. If you are going to Dockweiler Beach it takes 27 minutes. That is probably the closest beach near dodger stadium.

Where do the Dodgers play their home games?

Dodger Stadium is located in the Chavez Ravine, adjacent to downtown Los Angeles, California.

What baseball stadium has yellow seats?

There are a couple of ballparks in Major League Baseball that have yellow seats. Miller Park (home of the Milwaukee Brewers) and Dodger Stadium (home of the Los Angeles Dodgers) both have yellow seats. Miller Park has them on the upper level, and Dodger Stadium have them on the lower level.

What is the song played at Dodger Stadium after a Dodger home run?

Zombie Nation - Kenkraft 400 (Stadium Chant)

Other than Wrigley Field what is the oldest ballpark in the National League?

Dodger stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, is the second oldest stadium in the National League, open in 1962.

Did the dodgers ever play in coliseum?

Yes. When the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, they played their home games for the first four seasons (1958-1961) at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. They moved to the new Dodger Stadium for the 1962 season.

Who hit the first home run in Dodger Stadium?

I think it was Wally Post of the Cincinatti Reds.

What was the average game attendence at the Los angeles dodger stadium in 1965?

31,525. The Dodgers drew 2,553,577 fans for 81 regular season home games.

How many Home games do the LA Dodgers play in 2015?

It depends, during the the regular season the Dodgers play 81 games at Dodger Stadium, but they are in the playoffs so there will be at least two more home games but it could be more depending how far they make it in the playoffs.

Who hit home runs at Yankee stadium dodger stadium and the polo grounds?


Who hit the first inside the park home run at LA Dodgers stadium?

Jackie Robinson

When was Jackie robinsons last home run in a dodger uniform?

Yankee Stadium

Who hit the first home run at dodger stadium?

Wally Post of the Cincinnati Reds, 1962, straight away center field.

Who was the first LA Dodger to hit a home run after coming from Brooklyn?

Don Drysdale. The first home run hit by a Los Angeles Dodger was hit by Drysdale in the LA Dodgers first ever game played April 11, 1959 against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. The HR was the only run the Dodgers scored as they lost to the Cubs, 6-1.

Which professional teams play its home games in cities located on an ocean White Sox dodgers indians?

Of the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Cleveland Indians, the Los Angeles Dodgers, who play their home games at Dodger Stadium, located in Los Angeles, California, are the team that play in city located nearest to an ocean.

Who hit the most home runs in dodger stadium in one season?

shawn green

What were the longest home runs at Dodger Stadium?

Willie Stargell hit the ball out of the park.

What are the oldest Major League Baseball parks?

The oldest major league ball park is Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox who first played there in 1912. Next is Wrigley Field home of the Chicago Cubs. Their first game at Wrigley was in 1914. The third oldest park jumps ahead 50+ years to 1962 and the Los Angeles Dodgers' Dodger Stadium.

What is the song they play after Carlos Delgado hits a home run?

it might be sandstorm, because that's what they play when a home run is hit at dodger stadium

Who has hit the most home runs in the dodgers history?

Dodger with the most home runs over all is Manny Ramírez 554. Hall of Famer Duke Snider has 407 with 389 of those as a Dodger most of any player. Gil Hodges is next at 370 with 361 of those hit as a Dodger.

Who hit more home runs in a Dodger uniform?

Through the 2008 season, that is Duke Snider who hit 389 home runs for the Dodgers between 1947-1962.

How many home runs did Jackie Robinson hit during his first five years as a Dodger?

In his first five years as a Dodger (1947-1951), Jackie Robinson hit 73 home runs.

What game did the dodgers win in 1983 in the fourteenth inning?

The Dodgers won two 14 inning games in 1983, both at Dodger Stadium.1) April 13 - Dodgers 5, Houston Astros 3 - Steve Yeager hit a 2 run home run to win the game.2) June 2 - Dodgers 5, New York Mets 4 - Candy Maldonado hit an RBI single to win the game.

What song is played at Dodger Stadium when a Home run is hit?

Zombie Nation-Kernkraft 400 [but you can find remixes from other various artists]

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