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Dhanraj Pillay is the former Captain of the Indian Hockey Team.

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Q: Who is Dhanraj Pillay?
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When was Dhanraj Pillay born?

Dhanraj Pillay was born on July 16, 1968.

Is Dhanraj Pillay the famous player of India?

Yes, Dhanraj Pillay was the Captain of Indian Hockey Team.

How old is Dhanraj Pillay?

Dhanraj Pillay is 48 years old (birthdate: July 16, 1968).

What is Dhanraj Pillay's birthday?

Dhanraj Pillay was born on July 16, 1968.

Who are the Famous Indian hockey players?

dhanraj pillay

Who is the best field hockey player of India?

dhanraj pillay

Why is Dhanraj Pillay known as the Wizard of Hockey?

No, Dhanraj Pillay is not known as the Wizard of Hockey. Though he is also one of the excellent players of Hockey, but the legend who was known as the 'Wizard of Hockey'; was one & only Major Dhyan Chand.

Who was the captain of the Indian Hockey Team which won the cup in the Triangular Tournament against Australia and Pakistan in June 2003?

Dhanraj Pillay

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When was Ariranga Pillay born?

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When was Rajindra Dhanraj born?

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When did K. Thamboosamy Pillay die?

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