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Who is Italy's soccer coach?

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italys soccer coach is Marcello Lippi but they are considering Cassano Ballotelli.

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i think italys best soccer pleyer is Mario Balotelli

soccer would have to be italys traditional sport. = =

A soccer coach coaches a soccer team by picking where players go

I would be a soccer coach cause I like soccer

It was Italys win over France on penalties.

Marcealo Lippi is the coach of Italys natinal team, and the captain is Allesandro Del Piero.

Italy's most popular sport, by far is soccer. This is followed by volleyball and basketball.

A person can become a soccer coach at a local school by volunteering.

Italys favourite pastime is baket ball, soccer, horse riding and fishing

"gli azzurri" - "the sky-blue-ones"... every looked at their sport-dress?

Ray Woodard - soccer coach - died in 2009.

You usually don't need any education to be a soccer coach, you should have expierience in soccer though. If you want to coach a bigger organization, there is probably a training process

Italys is in the southern time zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An agent for either a soccer player or a coach.

The Head coach is Fabio Capello.

This can vary coach to coach. Most Coaches are pervious players so they have already had their light.

Al Albert - soccer coach - was born on 1949-02-24.

Soccer is Italys most popular game, and they have produced some very good footballers. As soccer is a cheap sport all you need is a ball and four poles for a game.And to have a world cup with out Italy is unthinkable.

italys national tree is the elm tree usually depends on where you coach :)

soccer and its basic positioning and running around

No you have to be good for a professional coach to find you a professional coach also might even find you if you've been on the JV team or varsity team or if you got into college on a scholar for your soccer skills! :)

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Jeff Dierking- Head Coach and Varsity Coach Josh Luke- Junior Varsity Coach

By first playing soccer and getting REALLY good at it.