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Who is a the most famous netball player?



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Irene Van Dyk.

Irene is the most internationally capped player of all time with a whopping, 162 caps. Irene is known for her extremely high shooting percentages, and the amount she shoots. She has had a perfect game in October 2008 against England shooting 41/41. This is a mammoth effort.

She is tall and holds her space very well. She is rarely beaten in the air and has strong hands.

Irene started her netball career for South Africa in 1994. She played 72 caps for South Africa.

She then moved to New Zealand in 2000 and has now played 88 caps.

Actually Casey Williams is... Irene Van Dyk is probably the best shooter but Casey Williams is the best Defender. Laura Langman is probably the best mid court but my favoutirte player is Casey Williams although i think that Laura Langman is the best