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Who is butter bean?

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no, the great northern bean is a fully developed "green" or "string" bean, the speckled butter bean is a flat pod bean, and bears almost no resemblance.

No; cocoa butter is the fat of the cocoa bean.

No, cocoa is a powdery substance extracted from the cacao bean, and butter is a dairy product from cows. however, a syrup-ish solution called "cocoa butter" is from the fatty substance taken from from the cacao bean. it is not related to butter.

A variety of string bean having yellow pods. Also called butter bean.Source:

A cocoa bean makes about 1.5 grams of cocoa butter. That means that hundreds of beans must be used to make the large amounts of cocoa butter found in the stores.

A lima bean it green and a little flat. A butter bean is also flat, but much larger--often 1.5 inches long. Before cooking, the "butter bean" (as it is known in the Southern U.S. and some other places) is white or creamy colored. After cooking, it is usually a tan to light brown colored. Lima beans usually have a somewhat tart taste, while butter beans are much milder and sweeter.

Cocoa butter is a pure edible vegetable fat extracted from the cacao bean.

cocoa butter is found in mexico and it has been squeezed out of a cocoa bean.

Eric Scott Esch also well-known as "Butter Bean" is known for being an American heavy weight player. Butter Bean is a well-known athlete of several types of sports such as heavyweight boxing, kickboxing, professional wrestling and mixed martial arts.

While it's commonly known as a lima bean or butter bean it is also known as Haba bean, Pallar bean, Burma bean, Guffin bean, Hibbert bean, Sieva bean, Rangoon bean, Madagascar bean, Paiga, Paigya, prolific bean, civet bean, sugar bean or đậu ngự

1 cocoa bean is worth 1 and a half grams of butter. So, if you have 100 cocoa beans you would have 50 grams of butter. You just multiply the amount of beans you have by 1 and a half.

No. A butter bean is a larger bean, flat, and can tend toward a chalky flavor if not cooked carefully. Navy beans are much smaller, mild and creamy.

If you mean its Binomial name it is Phaseolus lunatus.

Typically grown in the southern United States, butter beans have become a staple of southern cuisine. Georgia is a very large producer of butter beans. Slightly different than its lima bean cousin, the butter bean is a little sweeter, and slightly different in color.

Yes, I suppose so if its hungry enough.

Its made from the cocao butter in a cocao bean. They add milk and sugar for flavor.

Beans are vegetables. NOT a dairy product ! Dairy products are milk, butter and cheese and related things made from animal milk.

No. Butter beans are lima beans or an early bearing variety of lima beans (Phaseolus lunatus). Broad beans are fava beans (Vicia faba). When you cook any but the smallest fava beans, you have to shell them and then peel each bean.

Chocolate has it's own fat from the cacao bean, called cacao butter.

Sure, plenty of nutients, low on sugar and fat[if you don't butter them,] and filling.

Phaseolus lunatus is the lima bean. Its well know as a "butter bean" as well and other names in other counties. The Lima Bean is known in so many different cultures and called so many different names.

Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil, is the pale-yellow, edible natural vegetable fat of the cacao bean. Cocoa butter is extracted from the cacao beans in it's pure form it does not contain nuts.

No, but the cocoa liquor and cocoa powder parts of the cocoa bean do both contain caffeine.

Blend the softened butter and confectioners' sugar with an electric mixer to create a smooth frosting. If you prefer not to use a vanilla bean, increase the extract to 1 1/2 teaspoons

Powdered milk which can is added to the chocolate butter (the fat left over when cacao bean is processed)