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Eve Torres id dating Rener Gracie, she is not dating WWE superstar Mike "The Miz" Mizanin. That right is being held by former WWE Diva Maryse Ouellete.

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Who is The Miz dating?

the miz is dating eve torres

Who is dating Chris Masters?

He is dating with Eve Torres

Does eve Torres have a boyfriend?

Eve my be dating R-truth

Is eve Torres dating r truth or chris masters?

eve is dating with chris masters.

Who is Rener Gracie dating?

Eve Torres

Is Justin Gabriel dating Eve Torres?


Is eve Torres dating r truth?

no, she is dating chris masters

Is Zack Ryder married?

No he is dating eve torres

Is Eve Torres a lesbian?

No. She is dating Chris Masters!

Is Eve Torres dating anyone?

yes, she is dating with chris masters (wwe)

Are The Miz and Eve Torres dating?

No. Eve Torres is engaged to Rener Gracie, and the couple live together in Redondo Beach, California.

Who is eve Torres currently dating?

Eve is currently dating WWE Star The Miz. They both said it themselves in an interview.

Is eve Torres dating john luarnities?

No she is not dating him! It is storyline, in real life John is married and Eve has a boyfriend and no it is not Zach

Are Chris Masters and Eve Torres dating?

Yes, they are together.

Is Eve Torres dating CM Punk?

NO- seems to be the consensus.

Is Eve Torres dating The Miz?

No the Miz is dating Maryse and has been for almost four years

Why Zack Ryder and Eve Torres are dating?

They are not dating in real life only for storyline for the show.

Who is Eve dating?

shes not dating any 1 shes married to Adam copeland she told every 1 on twitter Actually, which Eve are you talking about? It was rumored that Eve TORRES (the wrestler) was dating Adam Copeland. Eve JEFFERS (the rapper) is rumored to be dating Shane Powers.

Is Zack ryder and eve Torres engaged?

yes... NO THERE NOT ARE YOU CRAZY! there dating but no not engaged...yet...

Is WWE eve Torres dating anyone?

megan fox, cause shez a lezzy

What is eve Torres real name?

Eve Torres

What is eve torries real name?

Eve Torres real name is eve torres

Who WWE r truth dating in the WWE?

Eve TorresEve is dating Rener Gracie R-Truth is single i believeno eve is dating adam coupeland and she said on her real twitter No Eve is not dating Adam Copeland she is dating Rener Gracie she has said so awhile back and she has a photoshoot she did with him why do you think he is always in those videos she does for women

What is eve Torres middles name?

Her name is Eve Marie Torres.

What is the birth name of Eve Torres?

Eve Torres's birth name is Eve Marie Torres.