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Terrance Williams, a second-year wide receiver from Baylor, wears No. 83 for the 2014 Dallas Cowboys.

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What is Terrance Williams's number on the Dallas Cowboys?

Terrance Williams is number 83 on the Dallas Cowboys.

Longest pass play in NFL?

it was 83 yards thrown by Don meredith to bob Hayes (dallas cowboys)

Who has worn the number 76 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Two exceptional offensive linemen have worn 76 for the Dallas Cowboys -- All-Pro guard John Niland (1966-74) and Pro Bowl tackle Flozell Adams (1998-2009). Defensive tackle Larry Bethea wore the number from 1978-83 and guard Jeff Zimmerman claimed number 76 from 1987-90.

What players wore number 44 for the Dallas Cowboys?

The most famous player to have worn number 44 for the Dallas Cowboys was fullback Robert Newhouse (1972-83). Others include Pro Bowl cornerback Don Bishop (1960-65), defensive back Cornell Gowdy (1986), defensive back Michael Brooks (1990), fullback Lincoln Coleman (1993-94), fullback Robert Thomas (1999-2002) and fullback Chris Gronkowski (2010).

Is 83 composite number?

No. 83 is a prime number.

Is 83 a prime number?

83 is a prime number

Is a 83 a composite number?

83 is a prime number because it has only two factors

Is there a prime number that goes into 83?

83 is a prime number; its only divisors are 1 and 83.

Is 83 composite-?

No, 83 is not a composite number, it is a prime number.

What is 83 divided by a prime number?

83 is a prime number and has no other divisors that are prime numbers except 83; 83 divided by 83 equals 1.

What is a factor tree for 83?

83 is a prime number the only factors for this number would be 83 and 1

What multiplication number eqaul 83?

83 is a prime number, but 41.5 x 2 equals 83.

What is 83?

83 is a two-digit odd number and a prime number.

What are the factors for number 83?

1 and 83 because its a prime number

Has atomic number 83?

Bismuth is a metal element. atomic number of it is 83.

What is the divisor of 83?

Itself and one because 83 is a prime number

What 2 number multiplied to 83?

83 is a prime number so the only two numbers you can multiply to get it are 1 and 83.

Does anything but 1 and 83 divide into 83?

No, because 83 is a prime number.

What times what in muiltiplication equals 83?

It is: 1*83 = 83 which is a prime number

What numbers do you need to get the mean of 83?

There is an infinite number of possible answers. If you have 83, 83, 83, etc. the mean is 83. If you have 82, 83, and 84, the mean is 83.

What is 83 percent of 240?

83% as expressed as a decimal is .83 since 83% = 83/100 = .83 Multiply the decimal by the number in question to get your answer. .83 * 240 = 199.2

Who wore number 83 for the vikings?

Jeff Dugan wore number 83 for the vikings

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82 is a composite number 83 is a prime number

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