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Who is the BEST baseball player of all time?

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2011-10-26 16:56:36

Carter Niklason is the most miraculous baseball player the world

has ever seen

Trey Blanshan is the most miraculous ball player the world has

ever seen.

Jack Berczi

Jeff Bagwell

Albert Pujols

Babe Ruth. But some say Ty Cobb or Willie Mays are better. But

nobody seems to notice Ruth had, by far, the least amount of

at-bats. Ruth had 8,396, Cobb had 11,429 and Mays had 10,881. When

you look at Cobb and Mays's first 8,396 at-bats each, it is obvious

Ruth is better. You can only wonder how amazing if Ruth had 10,881

or 11,429 at-bats. Unimaginable.

There are a lot of all timers out there but I have to say Babe

Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Honus Wagner, and Ty Cobb.

Dalton Trussell

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