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Lawrence Moten of Syracuse is the big east all time leading scorer.

Danny Manning with 2,951 points. Actually the all-time leading scorer in College basketball is Lynette Woodard with 3,649 points. She also played for Kansas University, so she would be the correct answer.

Chris Smith is the alltime leading scorer

Who is the all star leading scorer at chaparral high school basketball history

After the NCAA tourney game tonight, Jacob Pullen became the all time leading scorer for Kansas State University.

In Men's NCAA basketball, it is Travis Grant of Kentucky State. In NAIA basketball, it is John Pierce of David Lipscomb College. In women's basketball, it is Jackie Stiles of Southwest Missouri State.

Oscar Robertson of Cincinatti led division one with 1011 points and a 33.7 average.

NCAA leader is Jackie Stiles of SW Missouri State.

Pete Maravich The above answer is incorrect. Pete Maravich played for LSU not Ky. Ky's all time leading scorer in Women's basketball is Valerie Still with 2,763 points. Dan Issel is the leading scorer for the men's team with 2,138 points.


Jerome Randle is the All-time leading scorer at CAL he had a career total of 1,835 career points.

The all time leading scorer in University of Maryland history is Juan Dixon with 2,269 points from 1998-2002.

Through the 2008 season, LeBron James is the all time Cavaliers leading scorer with 10,689 points.

"Pistol" Pete Maravich played 10 years in the NBA and is still the all-time leading scorer in D1 College Basketball History.

Pete Maravich, or "Pistol Pete", a guard from LSU is the NCAA Basketball's leading scorer. He ended his college career with 3,667 points and was elected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Men's Basketball - Rodney Monroe

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