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Babe Ruth with 29 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings pitched in World Series play.

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cy young, the Boston red sox pitcher. he now even has a pitching award named after him.

molly pitcher became famous as soon she went to war with her husband.

molly pitcher got famous by bringing water to the revolutionaries(soldiers)

She was famous for fighting in a battle!

Chicago White Sox at Comiskey Park on July 1, 1990. Unfortunately, the rules defining a no-hitter were changed by MLB in 1991 to state that the pitcher(s) must pitch at least 9 innings for the no-hitter to be 'official'. Since Hawkins 'only' pitched 8 innings, losing 4-0, the no-hitter is now deemed unofficial.

He was a famous major league left handed pitcher. He has the second most lifetime strikeouts of any left handed pitcher.

she is famous because she is a girl that made men and women equal

Jim Johnson is a very famous man. He is a right-handed pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. He was played in the Major League Baseball team. He was a great pitcher.

Yes. " These are the times that try mens souls" - Molly Pitcher

he was the first black fastest pitcher

She brought water to soldiers in battle during the civil war. Hence the name "pitcher"

Because of his amazing batting and pitching.

The Famous Teddy Z - 1989 Pitching the Net 1-17 was released on: USA: 1990

Cat Osterman is one that i know of I'm not quite sure how she became famous, but she is an excellant pitcher.

Its the MVP award, but for pitchers named after famous pitcher

He was a MLB pitcher for the diamonds and red soxs

There are five- but I wouldn't exactly call them famous. Pitcher Ryan Wagner, Pitcher John Glaiser, Utility player Wayne Graham, Pitcher Jim Marquis (not to be confused with Jason Marquis, from my hometown of Staten Island), and Pitcher Slim McGrew. Out of all of them, Wagner has played the most by far.

molly pitcher was famous because she shoot and ran the cannon when her husband couldn't any more

Jennie Finch is probably one of the most famous. She was the pitcher for the U.S.A. Olympic team.

Pedro martinez is a famous baseball player and is a good pitcher

okay... "mary Molly Pitcher" was famous for bringing gallons of water to the soldiers so they called her "molly Pitcher" because pitcher is a pitcher of water or lemonade, then when her husband died she became extreemely angry with the other army and fired a cannon then a cannonball from the other army went through her dress and almost killed her. so she got a rank because she killed many of the opponents herself

Many think molly pitcher said "These are the times that try mens' souls." but its not that was Tomas paine.

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