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Mark Todd, Equestrian Rider, age 52.

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Q: Who is the oldest competitor for New Zealand in the 2008 summer Olympics?
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What is the oldest you can be to compete in the olympics?

There is no limit to how old an Olympic competitor can be. The oldest competitor ever in the Olympics was shooter Oscar Swahn of Sweden who was 72 years, 281 days old when he competed in the 1920 Games in Antwerp. Oscar is also the oldest competitor to ever win an Olympic medal as he won a silver medal in team running target double shot shooting at the 1920 Games. The oldest competitor in the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing was Hiroshi Hoketsu of Japan who was 67 years, 139 days old when he competed in dressage (equestrianism).

Who is or was the oldest Australian olympic competitor?

Bill Roycroft. Roycroft was 61 years and 131 days old when he competed in individual and team eventing (equestrian) at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal, winning a bronze medal in the team competition. Obviously, not only is he the oldest Australian to compete in the Olympics but the oldest Australian to win a medal in the Olympics.

How young can you be to enter the summer Olympics?

Gymnastics requires the competitor to be turning 16 in the year of the Olympics. Figure skating requires the competitor to be turning 15. Other than those two events, there are no age limits.

In which years did New Zealand hosted the summer Olympics games?

New Zealand has never hosted an Olympiad.

Has the olympics been held in new zealand?

No. The Summer Olympics have been held in Australia twice (1956-Melbourne, 2000-Sydney) but never in New Zealand.

How many times has New Zealand won the Olympics?

New Zealand won 5 medals at the 2004 Summer Olympics, 3 gold and 2 silver.

How many athletes are in the New Zealand team at the 2008 Summer Olympics?

New Zealand is sending 183 athletes to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, its biggest team ever.

How many times has New Zealand competed in the Olympics?

New Zealand has competed in 23 Summer Olympics, the first being in 1908 combining their athletes with Australia's and competing under the name Australasia. New Zealand has competed in 13 Winter Olympics, the first being in 1952.

Witch competitor took part in most of the Olympics games?

Austrian sailor Hubert Raudaschl competed in 9 consecutive Summer Olympics between 1964 & 1996 Austrian sailor Hubert Raudaschl competed in 9 consecutive Summer Olympics between 1964 & 1996

Has New Zealand ever hosted the Summer Olympics?

No. Australia has hosted the Summer Games twice: at Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000.

When did New Zealand send there first Olympics team?

Winter Olympics: 1952 Summer Olympic (Australasia Team) Australia and NZ team was 1908

How many gold medals did New Zealand win at the last recent summer Olympics?

at least 5 medals

Is there ice skating in the summer Olympics?

its in the winter Olympics not the summer Olympics..........

Does it have to be in the summer?

The Olympics should be in summer because they called it Summer Olympics

What city will host the 2010 Summer Olympics?

There is no 2010 Summer Olympics. The Olympics in 2010 was a Winter Olympics that took place in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The next summer Olympics after the 2010 Winter Olympics is the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

When was he first summer Olympics?

when did the summer Olympics begin

Was the first Olympics a summer or winter?

It was the Summer Olympics

Is soccer in the winter or summer Olympics?

The summer olympics

When did Athens held the Olympics?

1896 Summer Olympics and 2004 summer Olympics.

When is summer Olympics?

The summer Olympics occur every four years. The most recent summer Olympics occurred in 2008, so the next summer Olympics will be in 2012. The 2012 Summer Olympics are scheduled to begin on July 27.

When will the next summer Olympics be?

The next summer Olympics will be held in the Summer of 2012.

When did New Zealand first participate in Olympics?

New zealand first participated at the olympic Games in 1980, and has sent the althetes to compete in every summer Olympic GAmes since then.

Where will the 2014 Summer Olympics be held?

There are no Summer Olympics in 2014.The 2012 Summer Olympics were in London, England.The 2014 Winter Olympics will be in Sochi, Russia.The 2016 Summer Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Are there more events in the Summer Olympics or the Winter Olympics?

The Summer Olympics has more events.

How many games are in the summer Olympics?

there is 111 summer olympics