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Who is the smallest offensive or defensive lineman in college or pro football?

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On average, the defensive ends (DE) are the lightest linemen. They need speed more than mass. That applies to both college and the pros. You will get an occasional DE that weighs a lot more than average. They are usually on 3-4 defensive schemes. These guys don't really meet the definition of defensive end, as the outside linebacker (OLB) performs their function (outside contain).

2006-11-07 18:49:28
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Q: Who is the smallest offensive or defensive lineman in college or pro football?
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As of the 2011 football season they do have the heaviest offensive line in college football.

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Wow, that would depend on his speed and strength! At that size he will only get bigger and college scouts drool at strong offensive linemen like that. Same with a defensive linemen, Defensive tackle would be good.

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