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Who is the strongest ape or man?

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ape 4 to 1

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What is the strongest ape?

a orangutan

What is the duration of The Ape Man?

The duration of The Ape Man is 1.15 hours.

What is the strongest ape in the world?

The strongest ape in the world is the gorilla. They are believed to have the strength of 6-8 healthy men, and have literally been known to rip animals limb from limb.

What is smarter man or ape?


How many pages does The Ape-Man Within have?

The Ape-Man Within has 266 pages.

Was the first living thing on earth a man or an ape?

i my opinion it was an ape

What is man as a person?

no it is an ape

What are the similarities of man and apes?

The ape and the man are very much same, even as the ape is larger , they both walk with a stoop.

How did southern ape man died?

the southern ape man didn`t die.It actually evolved into other homohabinis.

Who is strongest wresterler in WWE?

the strongest man in the wwe is also the strongest man in the world. MARK HENRY

Who is the strongest in wrestling?

Mark Henry is the world's strongest man... That means he is the strongest man in wrestling today.

Who was strongest man on the earth?

Matthew Smith is the strongest man on earth.

What was Tarzan's moniker?

ape man

Who is or was the strongest man of all time?

If you believe the Bible, the strongest man was Samson.

Is john cena the worlds strongest man?

he is the strongest man that is steroid free

Was Bruce Lee the strongest man?

No. He was never the strongest man. Nor did he claim to be.

When was Holland's Strongest Man created?

Holland's Strongest Man was created in 1979.

When was Britain's Strongest Man created?

Britain's Strongest Man was created in 1979.

What are the release dates for Return of the Ape Man - 1944?

Return of the Ape Man - 1944 was released on: USA: 17 July 1944

Who's the strongest NFL player?

strongest nfl mani think the strongest man is Sean rogers hands down.

What do a monkey and an ape look like?


Which animal most resembles man?


What do you get when cross a zebra and an ape man?

A zebrapeman

What do you get when you cross a zebra with ape man?

you get a zeb

Who is the strongest man in India?

Dalip Singh Rana (khali) is the strongest man in India

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