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Ghandi rules everything


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pranab mukherjee is the president and Hamed Ansari is the Vice-president of India.

Presently, The Vice-President of India is Mohammad Hamid Ansari.

Dr. Hamid Ansari was the Vice President of India in 2010.

Vice President of India :- Hamid Ansari Deputy PM :- NA

Dr.Shri Sarvepalli RadhaKrishnan was the first Vice-President of India. He was also the second President of India.Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan

Dr. Mohammed Hamid Ansari continues as the 12th Vice President of India.

Yes, the country of India does have a Vice-President. As of July 2014 the current Vice-President is Mohammad Hamid Ansari who has been in this position since 2007.

The Vice President of India is Elected By the Members of Parliament & Members of Lok Sabha..

no pension for vice-president after his retirement.

Vice president is not appointed Instead he/she is elected

The right answer is The Vice President of India .ANS#2:The President sends his resignation to the Vice President.

When President of India vacates, the Vice President takes the charge and if the post of Vice President is also vacant; the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India officiates as the acting President.

Mohammad Hamid Ansari has been the vice president of India since August 11, 2007.

Vice president of India is chancellor of Panjab university Hamid ansari is vice president of India

According to experts, the Vice President in India earns an average salary of $255,000. The President earns approximately $300,000 average.

Who discharges the function of the president when both the president and the vice president and the chief justice of india are absent?The Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India discharges the duty of the president of India when both he and vise president of India are absent?

The monthly salary of the Vice President of India is Rs. 1,25,000. Rs. 15,00,000 per annum.

Ramaswamy Venkataraman was the oldest vice-president of India; he died at the age of 99 years old. He was born on December 4, 1910 and died on January 27, 2009, aside from being the vice-president of India he also became as the 8th president of India.

he is the vice president of India

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